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ADSL slower than normal but still fast


ADSL slower than normal but still fast


I'm not going to post a load of reports like i did yesterday, but i see some folk still have problems on adsl.

For me, i'm still getting trouble logging onto network, takes about 2 or 3 attempts, but i can live with it.

The speeds are slower than normal as we know, but for me i don't have any problems with slow webpage downloads, it's very fast for me, only thing at moment thats anonying most is the Upstream is quite slow, but still better than a 56 K modem.

Things will sort out soon.. Smiley

Starting speed test...
Do not use your connection until the test has finished.
Downloaded 32768 bytes in 656ms
Fairly fast connection, trying 524288 bytes.
Downloaded 524288 bytes in 8891ms
Now starting download test
Downloaded 524288 bytes in 8801ms
Estimated downstream speed is 465Kbps.
Uploaded 133120 bytes in 16000ms
Estimated upstream speed is 65Kbps.
Results stored.

>>> Speed: 465Kbps (down), 65Kbps (up) <<<
Test complete.

Testing my Upstream

Hi again,

I'm testing my Upstream during this evening if you want to try..

I'll be webcasting @ 10k or 20k intermitently in Windows Media.

Use this link in Windows Media player (open file location):

And don't worry, the bandwidth is supplied by my Playstream a/c not PlusNet!!.
I just want to test it for packet loss on the Upstream from my pc.

If you get a chance give me a report below thanks alot.

RE: Testing my Upstream

Silly me!

I posted the wrong ASX

Here is the correct one!.