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ADSL setup!


ADSL setup!


I am just about to embark onto ADSL, and have a few queries.

To get connected, you obviously need the modem. At home I have 3 computers all wishing to connect via the line. To accomplish this I believe that i need a Router with inbuilt hub.

Will the router found in the link below do the job for me, and does it do the job of a modem also?

Secondly, a splitter is required for the phone line. My phone line is split into 2 phones with a doubler. Do I require a splitter for both phones?

Daniel Robertson

RE: ADSL setup!

Yes the router will work. Any ADSL modem/router would work which is compatible with BT telephone lines.

You will need a splitter on each phone socket.

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RE: ADSL setup!

> You will need a splitter on each phone socket.

I read this as you have two phones, plugged into a splitter, plugged into the socket. This is similar to me (1 phone, 1 normal modem, 1 Sky box into the same socket).

In this case you can just put one microfilter "below" the splitter you have. The important thing is that all of the "phone-like" devices are connected through a splitter at some point. Multiple "phone's" can connect through the same microfilter.

Your ADSL modem may or may not require a microfilter on it's connection.

I couldn't get a microfilter for mine for a couple of weeks, and it worked fine without one (although it needed an adapter to fit the socket). There was some interference on the voice line because I didn't have a filter, but it all worked.