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ADSL price plans


ADSL price plans

Are there any plans for reducing the cost of broadband on Plusnet? A well known ISP currently offer 1Mb unmeterd, free connection, free modem and free anti spam and anti virus....all for £24.99. Plunet is £29.99 with no anti virus or anti spam! I have been a Plusnet customer for a while and upgraded on a regular basis. I have been reasonably happy with the service, but i feel that i am not getting the best deal available now.

ADSL price plans


ADSL price plans

Very constuctive......not. The issue i raised will benefit all users, so if you have no constructive comments STFU!
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ADSL price plans

i will add a constructive comment

if your not happy with the service your getting and you think you
will be better off and get a better deal with another well known isp move !

ADSL price plans

Isn't what you wrote the same as the other comment, yet more long winded? *sigh* Well what should i expect from forum loafers.

ADSL price plans

HI there,

Just a quick correction. The Plus Net products do have Antivirus and Anti spam protection included.

In terms of the other ISP are you comparing like for like?

There are cheaper providers out there but cheap is not always good.

There is a degree of concern in relation to some of Plus Nets pricing structures at the moment and these concerns are being discussed.

However, they are a good ISP and are usually at the forefront of pricing moves and product features.

I hope you dont move, though of course that is your perogative. I am confident that good things are on the horizon with this ISP if we could all bite the bullet and hang in there.

Best regards


ADSL price plans

at last....
Well cant say the anti spam works that great...... just deleted 1020 spam mails all addressed to random names on my account!
Thanks for your comment. I may just hang on......
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ADSL price plans

It could be that your account doesn't have Anti spam.

Going of the the date you joined I suspect that like me you are on an older type of account ie ADSL512 home self install or similar.
To get the spam filter and Anti virus you need to be on one of the newer accounts which you can change to.

If you are already on a newer type account then you do need to enable the filter as its disabled by default.