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ADSL on Cisco Routers


ADSL on Cisco Routers

I am just waiting for my ADSL to be switched on.

Once this happens I will post a config for Cisco Routers that provides NAT protection and for the really advanced also a config showing an example of IDS (Intrusion Detection System).

In the mean time the config below should allow anybody with a Cisco Router to get their connection physically up. Obviously the ATM Interface number may be different from the one shown below.

interface ATM0/0
no ip address
no atm ilmi-keepalive
dsl operating-mode auto
no fair-queue
interface ATM0/0.1 point-to-point
description Link to Plus.Net via BT
pvc Plus.Net 0/38
vbr-nrt 512 64 200
oam-pvc manage
encapsulation aal5mux ppp dialer

The "vbr-nrt" statement is a statement showing the maximum upload speed and has no bearing on your download speeds. This figure is too high but, depending on your IOS version, the Router will actually tell you what this figure should be - currently mine is telling me to set this to 288.

The 64 is a minimum upload speed to expect - if you experience major congestion and upload problems you may need to lower this figure.

Hope this helps somebody!