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ADSL is it all its cracked up to be

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ADSL is it all its cracked up to be

I just thought Id get a few things of my chest.
Like everyone else,i was thrilled when Plusnet offered 'affordable' ADSL connection. It was only a few pounds a month more than my previous AOL dial up connection and freed up my phone line and, most importantly, offered 'Blisteringly fast connection speeds'.
The truth has proved to be somewhat different. Yes, my phoneline has been freed up.Yes, I can have an 'always on' connection.But as for 'Blisteringly fast speeds' well, yes you can have them, but they are as rare as rocking horse droppings. I find if you get out of bed around 4am, connect up you can get a decent download speed. Daytimes when the kids are at school is also reasonable, but as soon as 6pm arrives, you can forget it. OK so this may not be Plusnets problem, as more people connect, then bottlenecks are bound to occur.
My point is this, I think a lot of people are finding that ADSL is nothing like the adverts would have us believe, or rather it is, but for only about 10 per cent of the time. How often does anyone using P2P software get a download speed above 10kbps? Im trying to download a 12MB file from Microsoft Update at the moment, it has been going for half an hour and is at 10.9MB...that is no better than dial up and, unfortunately, is the norm rather than the exception on this so called "superfast" connection.

Thank you for the opportunity to vent my disgruntlement!

RE: ADSL is it all its cracked up to be

I agree!

"ADSL - Yesterday's Technology Today!"

RE: ADSL is it all its cracked up to be

I have had PlusNet ADSL now for about 3 weeks now. Before that I used ISDN before that the dreaded 56k modem. My experience so far has been very good. It’s a LOT faster than 56k modem 10 times faster could be stretching it a bit. But its certainly a big jump.

When compared to ISDN it’s a good 4 times quicker for downloads than, when dual bonded 128k. From a good download site.

Web browsing can be bit hit and miss. Some days its very fast other times not much better than ISDN was. But on the whole its faster.

As for downloads again I can only speak from personal experience. Take for example your Microsoft download. Most of the time I can download from Microsoft at 58k per second. There site seems to be one of the better sites.

I don’t know if you use a download manager. But its worth trying something like Download Accelerator. Then see if it helps you download speeds. As that will ping the site you want to download from and all its mirrors. Find the fastest site then connect several times to get the fastest download.

Where as other sites on the whole are pretty good usually between 45-58k with some exceptions. One being PC Zone a UK based site but I a rather pathetic 8k if I am lucky.

As for P2P there has been a lot of discussion on these forums over the last couple of weeks. Download speeds are heavily dependant on who you are downloading from the other end. Unfortunately there are still a lot of people who use 56k modems. So even if you connect to several different sources your very rarely going to get a high download speed.

The highest speed I have obtained via P2P was 30k per second. The best way to do it is just select 4 or 5 files you want to download and leave it to get on with it. While you browse the web play games etc.

I still remember only a few short years ago now downloading the original Quake demo on a 14.4k. LOL downloads then where under 1k per second. A 1 meg file could take well over 15 minutes. Where as now I can download a one meg file in under 20 seconds.

I guess what I am trying to say is. You have to take the rough with the smooth. No matter what technology comes out people will always want faster. Its just the way the world is going everyone wants everything instantly.

Its just worth remembering sometimes if a web page is taking a while to open or a download is taking a particularly long time. There are people less fortunate than us and will never be able to get broadband in there area and will most probably be stuck with 56k modem for the near future.

On the whole I am really very happy with ADSL. Its been a lot better than I expected. There again I could have had lower expections of the service Smiley

RE: ADSL is it all its cracked up to be

Do remember with p2p stuff, when you install the program it asks "what connection have you got?"... Many people could very well lie, so it might say "DSL" and you expect a good speed from them, yet they're really connected via a 56K modem..


RE: ADSL is it all its cracked up to be

ADSL IS very good and fast. I have used it abroad with great speed and reliability. But appearently Plus Net has a problem with their implementation of ADSL. The problem is that Plus Net has not made sure to have a proper legal contract with BT making sure they get a reasonable performance. This means BT can just provide Plus Net with a as slow connection as they like. It is ADSL but it is slow.

I used a cable connection in the US for 4 months, and not once did it fail, and it was ALWAYS at least twice as fast as PlusNet ADSL. PlusNet (or BT as PlusNet says) has a problem, not ADSL in general.

RE: ADSL is it all its cracked up to be

I agree - but what we see, as customers of PlusNet is their implementation of ADSL. For example, as far as I am aware, PlusNet use BT managed routers. This leads to no control when issues do occur and the unfathomable lead times and excuses that crop up left right and centre when BT do have to become involved. Take the lead time on the new '155MB fat pipe' - saviour of us all...

Answer me this - of all the other ADSL ISP's listed on, can you find a recent post detailing similar issues? If this is a BT problem, why do not other ISP's suffer from it?

If I had an option, I would go cable right now.

RE: ADSL is it all its cracked up to be

If ppl are getting lower dl speeds then this is due to the server and what speeds the download users are capped at & how fast the server is, microsoft you cant get 50 - 60k cos it is streamed at you in 10k chunks(just guessing at speed) instead of you downloading it at 30-60k which for the amount of incomming it has to cope with...its is still very fast.