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ADSL interface disconnects itself - Mac OS X 10.3


ADSL interface disconnects itself - Mac OS X 10.3

I'm running Mac OS X 10.3 with all the latest updates from Apple, and I have the Binatone ADSL 500 USB modem.

When I check in my System Preferences, under Network, when the modem is working correctly I have an Ethernet device en1, complete with IP address.

What happens on occasion is that when I go into the same section it says that en1 is not currently connected to the computer (i.e. that the modem is unplugged). If I restart the computer, or in some way power cycle the modem (what I usually do is pull out the USB connection at the back of my iMac and plug it back in again), the modem comes up fine.

Please help, as this is annoying to have to keep doing.