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ADSL in Amsterdam


ADSL in Amsterdam

There was a report on the Radio in the wee small hours last night about Wireless access. They were talking to the guy who setup the company which provides wirless access for the whole of Amsterdam.

Anyway in that report he said that the current waiting time for ADSL provision in Amsterdam is 6 weeks and only annual contracts are available.

Makes the UK ADSL market look advanced :shock:

If you want to listen to the report it's at

and click on the Global Business link on the bottom right of the page

ADSL in Amsterdam

Broadband in amsterdam is shit apparently...
Funny story here:

Connexion is BETTER than broadband (at least in Amsterdam)

I am on my way back to Seattle, and I am currently somewhere over the North Atlantic. I am flying SAS Airlines, and they have the Boeing Connexion service that I tested back in July. I raved about it then…and I am raving about it now. It’s a 9 ½ hour flight from Copenhagen (where I flew to from Amsterdam) and I have had solid and fast connectivity for 95% of the flight. It blacked out over Greenland for a short time, but that was fine…they were serving dinner anyway. It great to IM with all my colleagues and family back on the ground…as well as check email and catch up on reading my news feeds. The irony here is that the broadband service on the airplane is MUCH better than I had in Amsterdam. The hotel I was staying in charged me 15 Euros a day for ‘broadband’ in my room. I put that term in quotes, since the definition of broadband at that hotel means a 33.3 k connection (yes…I did a speed check.) that would randomly drop 6-10 times an hour. I am back in the office tomorrow…..