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ADSL filters - phone ringing


ADSL filters - phone ringing

I'm pretty new at this game so please bear with me if anything sounds horribly naive. I have a problem with my telephones not ringing. Plusnet support have been quite helpful and sent ou a different model filter but that also does not seem to work.

Attached to the line are two telephones, each with a ren value of 1 and a Binatone ADSL 500 modem supplied by plusnet. If I run the telephones through the filters the phones work without problems (save a bit of crackle) but do not ring. The temporary solution I have is to plug one of them in without running it through a filter, this will then ring but obviously is very crackly and whistly so cannot be used for anything but a ringing device.

I wondered if this was a common problem? Many thanks for any suggestions.

Phones not ringing


Have a look at the "ADSL Nation XF-1e Professional Quality Filter" @

A review on this website mentions phones not ringing @

A list of reviews about this filter is @

(I don't know for certain if this will might!)
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ADSL filters - phone ringing

Have you tried the tests I listed in the other thread?

ADSL filters - phone ringing

Peter, thanks for the advice. I tried the suggestions you made, including calling my phone with only one telephone plugged into the master socket through a filter. Neither the first or replacement (alternative model) filter allows the telephone to ring. It rings ok if plugged straight into the master socket regardless of whatever else runs through the extension so I think that a spare phone to act as a ringer only is the way to go until my student loan can manage a fancier filter.

The site reccomended by rtruscott is reassuring me that others have at least experienced the same thing.

Thanks to both of you for your advice.