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ADSL = e-mail problems


ADSL = e-mail problems

Since upgrading to ADSL I have not been able to send e-mails although I do receive mail. To send mail I have to revert back to my standard telephone line connection. If I try to send an e-mail whilst connected to ADSL I get the message:
[not permitted to relay through 550 - this SMPT sever, is for the exclusive use of 550 customers of tiscali}? God only knows where the hell ticali comes into this, I have never conneted or used tiscali.
My mail box and domaine registration is with



RE: ADSL = e-mail problems


I would suggest that your outbound [relay] server needs to be set to PlusNet's SMTP server.

Normally you cannot use a non-connected (i.e. not your currently connected ISP's) server as an outbound / SMTP mail server. This is normally to stop spamming via one or more non connected mail servers.

Try setting your SMTP server to:

You can find this under tools > options > sending mail in Eudora and tools > accounts > mail > servers in good ol' Outlook Express.

As to where you got the Tiscali entry from... have you recently re-installed IE / Outlook from a magazine or through the door CD?

Hope this helps!

/Patiently(!) waiting for ADSL 19


ADSL = e-mail problems

I get the same problem and I'm using Apparently it might have something to do with us having a dynamically assigned address or +net not using reverse DNS mapping.

I've been around the houses with +net on this (not very helpful - trying to fob it off as an issue for me to address with each server that's blocking the email.

ADSL = e-mail problems

michaelandkatie, please state the exact message you receive.

The messages above relate to a different ISP, while you have simply coverted from a dial account (by the sounds of your post)