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ADSL disconnection problems with external USB modem


ADSL disconnection problems with external USB modem

Just posting this in case anyone has the same problem...

I got my broadband enabled today with the free Binatone ADSL500 modem. Wasn't very happy when I managed to connect and 30 seconds later, nothing would transfer. I had to reboot to connect again. Plus, I had to switch the machine off at the power, as it wouldn't shut-down. ALSO, I had some scrolling faded horizontal lines on my monitor, which I'd never seen before. Yikes. It kept happening, too.

Did some searches - assumed it was the USB Chipset power problem. My modem 'power' and 'line' lights did indeed turn off after a short time connected. I have a ASUS A7V333 which apparently uses a KT333 chipset.

Anyway, I looked at and downloaded (@56k) and installed the Via Hyperion 4 in 1 drivers from

I also disabled Power management from the BIOS setup menu.

I think thats all I really modified. It seems to be working now, so one of those seemed to help....


additional keywords: A7V VIA