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ADSL connects, but then nothing.


ADSL connects, but then nothing.

Several times now Ive had to dial on and off of PlusNet.
It goes on fine (512k bb btw), but then it cant load a damn thing at all!

Happens at random and /eventually/ sorts itself out and Im able to use the net again.


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ADSL connects, but then nothing.


i get this at times too, doesnt seem to be any specific reason and a restart usually works, but definately annoying.

Sometimes after i have connected i also get the dial-up box appearing asking me to connect, closing this or clicking cancel changes my setting to "working offline" and again to resolve this usually requires a restart

do you get this also
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ADSL connects, but then nothing.

Hi there,

This is more likely to be hardware that anything else, have you tried reinstalling your modem (or updating the firmware on your router is you use a router).

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ADSL connects, but then nothing.

This has happened only a couple of times in the past for me. If I disconnect and then reconnect the problem always clears though. When this happens I just get "Page Cannot Be Displayed" errors appearing, but as I said it does not happen very often at all.

matt Wink

ADSL connects, but then nothing.


This topic really belongs in the ADSL section, so maybe one of the moderators could move it.

I would follow Josh's advice and re-load the drivers and clear the cache within IE. Are you running any P2P software while trying to surf on the net?

When this happens, does the modem lights flash as though they are getting info from the internet? does your connection drop?



I have the same problem. The modem rarely drops out of synch, but just seems to come to a grinding halt. Teh strange thing is that when this slow down happens, sometime I can't even access my router!!! This makes me think perhaps windows could be to blame (TCP/IP properties?).

My MTU is currently 1300 and modulation type GDMT, is this correct?
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ADSL connects, but then nothing.

That's a very low MTU, was there a reason you selected such a low value or is that how it's always been set. Normal MTU values used are 1430, 1458, 1478. You may get a faster speed if you try one of the higher values.

It should not cause your problems though but maybe worth changing and see what happens. You need a matching RWIN - see the MTU tweak thread for examples.

ADSL connects, but then nothing.

Ok, I'm working on the MTU. What about the modulation type? I was recommended GDMT by D LIink.

ADSL connects, but then nothing.

Yes, GDMT is the correct modulation type.