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ADSL connection using USB modem & Win2000Pro


ADSL connection using USB modem & Win2000Pro

I'm a newbie to broadband (which I'm sure will show!) but I've been looking through the configuration tutorials for the Binatone 500 usb modem and getting things configured (in the hope that everything will work first try when BT figure out if they've activated adsl on my line yet or not. Yesterday they said they had - today, they're not sure. :roll: )

My concern is that in the tutorial (written for 98 or XP) it has you entering information in places which aren't offered as options with the installation for 2000. Anyone have any experience in this? Are those bits automatically configured, or do I have to go somewhere else (i.e. network settings) and configure them manually? I don't have any idea if I've configured it completely until after I have confirmation from PN that the line has been activated, and from other information on the site, I gather that could be a while longer in coming. (Of course BT not knowing what's going on hasn't helped either! LOL)

Thanks for the input!


ADSL connection using USB modem & Win2000Pro

From what I've looked up the installation should cover nearly everything within the installation program.

Can you tell me what bits are listed for XP but are not displayed within 2000?

Finally until your line is fully activated, you won't know if everthing is fully working. However your modem should power up, it won't be able to sync and should display an error indicating your ATM Connection is down.

ADSL connection using USB modem & Win2000Pro

For reference, I'm looking at the usb_modem_guide.shtml from the PN support section.

I get the screen asking for the country you're in.

Then I get a screen asking to confirm login settings.

'Protocol: PPPoA VC-Mux
VPI: 0
VCI: 38
ADSL Handshake protocol: Autosense - G.dmt first'

And the option to either accept these and move on to the next screen or go on to advanced options.

Clicking on Advanced gives me the option to Select ISP or Customise Settings.

Clicking on Customise Settings brings up two options - the default ISP info as stated earlier or Customise Settings.

Clicking on Customise Settings again brings me to the PVC Profile.

Enable this profile? Enabled
Protocol/Encapsulation? (Default is PPPoA VC Mux - other options are: PPPoA LLC, 1483 bridged IP LLC, 1483 Routed IP LLC,

1483 Bridged IP VC-Mux, 1483 Routed IP VC-Mux, Classical IP over ATM, PPPoE VC-Mux, PPPoE LLC, or PPPoE None)

[Comment: I assumed that the account should be enabled, but was unable to find the 'RFC2364 PPPoATM NULL Encapsulation' which was stated in the usb_modem_guide.]

VPI: 0
VCI: 38
[Comment: I'd seen the above settings in the usb_modem_guide elsewhere, so I left them the same.]

Bridge Mode Enable? Disabled
ASLD Handshake protocol: (Default - autosense G.dmt first, others are: autosense t1.413 first, g.dmt/g.lite, t1.413, g.dmt, or g.lite)

[Comment: Don't have a clue about Bridge Mode, so left it at its default 'disabled'. ADSL handshake protocol I changed to g.dmt as that setting was mentioned in the modem_guide.]

PPP Configuration (optional)
Authentication: (default - auto, other options CHAP, PAP)

[I used the Username provided by the Connection Settings from the portal, not my username for logging into the portal. As far as authentication goes - I changed it to CHAP, as that was mentioned in the modem_guide.]

Connection mode: Manual Connect/Disconnect or Always On

Static WAN configuration (optional)
WAN static IP:
WAN Subnet Mask:
WAN Gateway:

[Comment: I haven't found anything within the modem guide which refers to WAN configuration, so I left this section blank.]

DNS Configuration (optional):
Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

[Comment: Entered the DNS Server information provided on the portal Connection Settings.]

From the other discussions I've seen on here, I'm feeling seriously out of my depth! I'm not dim, but it's all Greek to me!

LOL I'm just not sure that common sense is going to help me fill in all these blanks correctly. It's also a bit frustrating as every time I need to change a setting for the modem setup, I have to uninstall the hardware, reboot, and reinstall in order to get the option to change advanced settings. Otherwise, the only information I'm able to change is my login information (so the fewer times I have to go through the uninstall process - the better! LOL)

Oh - and by the way - the modem power light is on and the adsl light is blinking as though it's trying to synch. Now it's just a waiting game till the line is activated.

Thanks a lot for your input.

(Who doesn't know her PPPoATM from her elbow)

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ADSL connection using USB modem & Win2000Pro

What you were looking at may be for the old (pre Jan 2004) version of the modem. I think the link from the setup guides page is wrong

The one you probably need is Binatone ADSL 500 USB Modem - Jan 2004.

ADSL connection using USB modem & Win2000Pro

Now THAT looks more familiar!

Thank you!