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ADSL connection suddenly started dropping


ADSL connection suddenly started dropping

My 2mb PlusNet ADSL connection suddenly seems to have started playing up, it's been fine for a couple of months but on Monday evening it started dropping the connection every few minutes, this seemed to get more and more frequent ,then at about 8pm it stopped connecting entirely, with the router displaying a "Physical Line Error" message. Tried later in the evening but still couldn't connect, it was fine the next morning though.

I noticed that the Signal to Noise ratio was down at around 6db when I was having the problems, so last night I connected my router directly to the master socket which gave a SNR of 11db, which seemed OK at first but as the evening went on I experienced the same problems with the connection getting more and more unstable until about 7:30 when again it stopped connecting entirely until this morning.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I know my SNR is fairly low (and I'm sure it used to be better) but it has worked quite happily for a while, also the way the line gets gradually worse seems odd.

In case it's important, I'm using a D-Link DSL504 router to connect.