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ADSL connected but no internet traffic


ADSL connected but no internet traffic

Over the past few weeks I've experienced problems with all my internet traffic being suddenly cut off then taking a very long time to resume. This would happen at intermittent periods. I used to have modem lock ups with a D-Link 504 which would instantly be resolved by cycling it off then on. With these latest problems this fix does not work. I have made absolutely zero changes anywhere, to anything, between it working fine and now. The modem was not locked up, I could still access my internal network, the modem even said it was connected to Plus.Net, I just couldn't access the internet.

I've now got a Netgear DG834, first day same problem. Plus.Net support said change the MTU, which I did. As I wasn't having any problems at the time I had no idea if this solved my problem. 1 day later same problem, no internet traffic. Then it was fine for about 3 days, until today where I've had 2 blockages. My modem is still responsive, I can ping it and access it. Just no internet traffic, yet again. The log does show DOS attacks but these are not persistent or sustained and some may be because of running Bit Torrent software. This appears to be a problem somewhere beyond my modem as I have no problems accessing anything internally.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems and know of a fix? Plus.Net have thus far been able to provide me with anything of note and it's making this "always on" service somewhat ineffectual and pointless.
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ADSL connected but no internet traffic

When this problem happens, what does the router status page show. Also what does it show when you click the connection status button. Is the connection connected or disconnected.

Also is the candle indicator (3rd indicator down) on the front off, orange or green.

What does the router report for line attenuation and SNR when it iw sorking fine and when it is stuck. This is available on firmware v1.05.00 or later and can be found on the router status -> show statistics page.

Try upgrading the firmware to 2.10.22 available from here which is much more stable than previous versions. Just make sure you also dowwnload the recovery software as updating can be a be hit & miss for some and also only upgrade using IE browser.

ADSL connected but no internet traffic

Thanks for the suggestions, however they do not help. Status page shows modem is connected. Indicator is green. Firmware has been upgraded already to 2.10.22. Attenuation when working and stuck is 17db up, 5.5db down - there is no change between when it is working and when it isn't. Everything appears normal on the router, except there is no traffic. Traffic only resumes on it's own accord. No matter what I do it only works again when it wants to.

Edit: Problem solved, was an ip problem with using my adsl + dial up at the same time.