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ADSL & SMTP using Exchange 2k Problem


ADSL & SMTP using Exchange 2k Problem

Please can anyone help me out, I have pulling my hair over this all day.

Right this is what Im trying to do:-

I have a exchange server 2k that I need to recive mail on. I have told to send all my SMTP traffic to my stacic ip address. Which is my routers Static ip (the router I have is a Solwise SAR130). I have told the router to pass all traffic to the server using NAT. But I can send mail out.

Can anyone please help me.



ADSL & SMTP using Exchange 2k Problem

Are you getting mail in ok?

Does Exchange show the mail Queued.

The router shouldnt stop anything going out so its the exchange setting that is likely to be the problem try setting the outgoing smtp to as sometimes it doesnt do a dns lookup very well so it cant resolve the ip.
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ADSL & SMTP using Exchange 2k Problem


To clarify. You can send mail out but can not receive mail in.

There are two possible causes.
1. Your DNS MX record is not configured correctly
2. Your router is not redirecting port 25 to your exchange server.

If you don't mind posting your domain name it will take about 2 minutes to find out where it is going wrong.

BTW: You will need to secure mail relay before getting this working otherwise you will be blacklisted. for more info.