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ADSL Upstream Major Problem!!!!!


ADSL Upstream Major Problem!!!!!


I was just getting to accept these problems yesterday, if you read my post.

But today i'm starting to get angry.. the Upstream is worse than ever before.

I was uploading FTPing to my PlayStream a/c a 11mb audio file.. from 5pm today and instead of the normal 24K average transfer rate.. i'm getting peaks of 2.4k to a max of 6.4K in FTP transfer rate (Upstream) you know it took me from 5pm this afternoon to 5.42pm to half upload my file to PlayStream.. then it had average of 10 mins to complete.. then it tells me connection lost. Failed. GRRRRRRRR!!!.

I just spent 42 mins uploading an 11mb file @ intermintent speed of 2.4K to max 6.4K all for nothing, just to be cut off.
Now i have to do it all over again.. you know this only took me about 10 mins to upload before!!.

And another thing i'm paying PlayStream $69.95 a month for this service so i can store up to 30MB of streaming media on a server, and also a Live Windows Media 10K Upstream a/c where i get a mount point (ASX) i start Windows Media Encoder and when someone make a connection with the mount point via Playstream it connects to my IP address only once, and Playstream then relay my b/casts via thier Media servers and thier own bandwidth.. i'm allowed 10GB in transfer with them, so lots of people can connect via them (not PlusNet) but the thing is.. i can't make a 10K Upstream connection anymore, cause PlusNet is all messed up!.

Can't you fix this Upstream problem?.. i see ;ots of people complain about the downstream is slow.. but there are folk who want to use a fairly fast Upstream too you know!. all i'm asking for is 10K not much, and all i'm getting now from 5pm to present time of 6.05pm is average of 2.4 to 6K max, it's going up and down like a YoYo!.

I'm fed up of this......... Sad

RE: ADSL Upstream Major Problem!!!!!

This won't fix your problem (!) but just to add that I'm sick and tired of this too.

It's being going on for nearly a week now. For goodness sake PlusNet, get this sorted out. We are paying you for a fast ADSL service, not a wet piece of string.

I've been doing testing over the last few days, and my average download speeds (various sites, UK, Scandanavia and US) have been averaging < 9kb/s and my upstream rates (webserver's located US and UK) have averaged just over 5kb/s. In reality not a great deal better than dial-up.

I don't care who you blame PlusNet, but there is a serious problem here. Don't keep blaming BT - it's your choice to have managed routers etc. Just fix it. I'm trying to use this connection for business purposes (paying you an extra premium) - although I'm not saying that home users are any less important.

You still can't even manage to give us a date / time for when the 34MB link will be up let alone the now infamous 155MB 'fat pipe' (saviour of us all apparently)

Oh, and I don't see any of the other ISP's suffering this same problem at the moment - and believe me I'm checking on lot's of ADSL discussion forumns. Why are PlusNet uniqueHuh

I'm one seriously annoyed customer - wish I'd never moved from dial-up. Especially with the mountain of activation delays I originally had. GRRRRRRR Even your portal pages take for ever to load...

RE: ADSL Upstream Major Problem!!!!!

I will test wot upstream i get this afternoon and if i dont get 30k which is wot i should get with 512k i will post a message and i will be complaining cos i have thought for a while my upstream was ***** cos i do a bit of shoutcasting just for a few friends now and again. I have had a few probs with that when i should get the max of 10 ppl on it i am strugglig with 5 so i am dubious with what speed i am getting, but will post wot i get laters.

RE: ADSL Upstream Major Problem!!!!!

Hi Chris and Allan,

I never have tried the shoutcast servering via winamp yet, but i have a friend who uses BTinternet (BTopenworld) who does this, and he always gets the 10 connections max to his stream @ 20K bit speeds!.

And remember this is going straight to his pc, when I'm doing this via Windows Media "only 1" connection goes to my pc by Playstream.. they then relay the b/cast, so every single person that connects isn't using my bandwidth on pc, but are using my 10GB transfer a month on the Playstream windows media servers. and now even @ only 10K which isn't that much on an ADSL connection, I simply can't do it anymore..!

I used to have a account and do live casting with this much the same way, i had to get rid of that back in May, one month after i got ADSL.. cause it wasn't working right, the reports i got even back then were of line drops and that was at 16 K speeds. BUT i was using a Windows 98 pc back then with only an old Cyrix 300 MII (same as P3 only cheaper and very slow)and 32 MB of ram!.

I have now installed RealServer 8 aswell to my windows nt machine, it can hold 25 on the license.
But that too is a waste of time, unless i b/cast @ 5Kbs Voice bitrate... realaudio 5.

I too only do it on and off, not every day, and with an ADSL connection you'd expect it to work at some rate... Sad

For now i can still listen locally.. and pass the time that way. but nobody else will be able to connect, 2.4K and 6K are too little to Uptream anything and judging by my constant drops there is no point, it would be a connect, then a disconnect or time out response for ppl.

But makes me wonder how my mate on BTopenworld can do this with no problem, and at same time he is hosting his website on his own computer 24/7 as the server too!!.

I choose PlusNet 2 years ago b/c i already had tried the following providers.. BTinternet, AOL, freeserve, Easynet, Demon, and freenetname. I found all had decent connections.. but the support was rubbish apart from Demon and Easynet.

I done a search one day and found Plusnet (2 yrs ago) i read what they offered.. lots of webspace.. domain name.. CGI access.. full Unix use of webspace for htaacess.. https secure server.. telnet.. forums, great support staff and easy to use online interface (although this wasn't up 2 years back) but they answered all mails in 10 mins.

I could go on all day.. i choose PlusNet 2 yrs ago b/c they were and still are the only ISP to offer so much stuff that I'm interested in, the others just offer a connection and some support, BT make you pay premium phone charges for support.. but then again they always charge you for everything.. BT don't understand the word FREE service.

Anyway i reckon PlusNet has it all.... but i can recall being on BT surftime with them last year and we had a really bad fault with that, i lost my internet connection for weeks and weeks.. BT was at fault back then too. But i never ever expected all this dropout and login problems on ADSL... i had been saving up for this new pc for (Windows XP P4 2.4 GHz) nearly 2 years and i put some money away for ADSL aswell, and was over the moon when they lowered the prices back on April 1st.. if not i wouldn't have been able to afford it, and AOL as far as i know are still charging £50 per month for the same thing, without all these services you get with your PlusNet account.

I rate PlusNet great for the services and friendly support use.. but when it comes to connection.... it seems not to be as reliable as the others. which is sad. and yet really don't understand why?! Sad

RE: ADSL Upstream Major Problem!!!!!

More proof of a problem:

>>> Speed: 421Kbps (down), 63Kbps (up) <<<
Test complete.

Thats the worst upstream result i've had to date from the ADSLGUIDE.CO.UK Speed Test page.