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ADSL Upgrade


ADSL Upgrade

Can you just confirm that to upgrade my current ADSL 500 Business (BT Install) to the new ADSL Home 1000 will cost me

£58.75 activation fee +
£64.63 Administration Charge

And that I might not be able to get the increased speeds anyway?

Yet it will only cost me the £58.75 activation fee to cancel my current contract and start again?

RE: ADSL Upgrade

Nope, this isn't right, if you upgrade you only pay the Upgrade fee of £55 + VAT. If you cancelled you would pay £50 + VAT, but would be without your ADSL for much longer. This is because the upgrade (Cease anbd Re-Provide) process has additional admin costs (it's paper based!) so has a slightly higher charge.

It is true to say that there is a chance your order may fail after your current ADSL has been ceased. If this happens you will need to pay an activation charge to have the original ADSL product re-enabled, but you won't be charged any fee for the original upgrade. We realise this isn't ideal but it is the best we can do with the systems BT have in place. There is talk that BT will be improving this significantly, but that won't be until the end of August apparently.

With Regards,

Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support

RE: ADSL Upgrade


Cheers for the reply, looks like you were working way too late last night.

A couple of more questions.

1. Why do BT need to disconnect my current connection before being able to see whether or not i'm suitable for the increased speed?
2. Why do BT expect people to pay for an upgrade to possibly the same product.....I'm sure you wouldn't expect to pay to upgrade a mobile phone, only to be charged & given your old phone back.
3. If I go for the "Home" installation instead of the business connection I have now. Does this mean that i will be sharing my exchange with all the other "home" users instead of just the business users (i.e. Do all the 20:1 business/home users share the same part of the exchange)?
4. How long are we talking about in days between the "Cancellation" and the "Reprovide" options?