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ADSL USB modem manual


ADSL USB modem manual

For once, not a complaint. Just thought that I would pass on a bit of information that you may find of great interest.

Connected to ADSL a few days ago. I must admit to laughing at the fact that for 2 years I had 56K dial-up with Fast24 and decided "reluctantly" to try broadband. One of the reasons being that I think ISPs are giving heavy users (like myself) of 56K a hard time. Fast24 has radically changed its services. I paid £7/month for 6pm-6am and all weekend. They have since changed it to £9/month for 4pm-midnight and all weekend. I made the move to broadband at the right time. Boy am I glad. All that time wasted downloading files and seeing the word "buffering" - arghhhh. It used to take around 1 hour to download a 10MB file. It only took 5 minutes last night (11pm) - incredible!

Anyway, back to the point of discussion and the subject of the ADSL USB modem manual. Being a new user I don't know if this has ever been mentioned before so I could be making myself look an idiot.

Basically, I was reading the manual having installed the modem. What caught my eye was the different tabs which carry data within the AccessRunner DSL Control Panel. Ones like Connection. I continued to read the manual but couldn't find any mention of how to see these tabs. All I had was General. How do I see Connection, then? Then I remembered the USB ADSL Modem - Quick Start Guide. It asks one to press Alt + c. In doing so, one is presented with tabs Line Setup and Protocol Setup, which may have needed changing following the installation, along with the General tab.

To cut a long story short, I "pratted about" with the Alt key and the other letters on the keyboard. Guess what? Pressing certain letters revealed these missing tabs.

So, for example, by pressing Alt + a tabs such as ATM Links appeared. By pressing Alt + p tabs such as Loopback and Physical Layer Statistics appeared. Rather strange and fascinating, I thought. The manual, from what I've so far read, says nothing of these shortcuts.

Give it a go. What the data reveals, I don't know. What exactly is noise margin?

Press Alt + e. What access code are they asking for?

All the best.