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ADSL USB modem and XP problem


ADSL USB modem and XP problem

I have just installed my USB modem and everything went fine, until the first time I restarted the computer. I also have a USB mouse and there seems to be a conflict between the two. With the modem plugged in the mouse would not work, when I unplugged the modem the mouse was fine but I could then not get the modem to work after plugging it back in.

I have checked the drivers and it tells me I have the latest. I have had to uninstall and re-install to get it working.

Any ideas?


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ADSL USB modem and XP problem

Each motherboards implementation of USB is different, VIA's is notoriously underperforming. I would suggest purchasing a powered USB hub that should overcome your onboard USB's shortcomings.

More than one usb header?

I suggest that, if your machine has usb ports on the back or front and a usb header, get the flyer for the header and use that for one of the divices. Often you have to split the load on usb devices, like hard disks on different channels. Remember both your usb adsl modem and your mouse are heavily used devices.


ADSL USB modem and XP problem

I aggre with the first suggestion and install a PCI USB header card as I have experienced many problems with the VIA chipset (just sorted 1 now).