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ADSL Tracker Question


ADSL Tracker Question

Having been a Plus Net Heavy Usage dial up customer for the last few months. I must say so far the service has be excellent. It connects first time every time. With a very stable line. Great could not ask for more.

Yesterday I decided to try to upgrade my account to an ADSL account. Self install / Wires only.

I just have one quick question on the ADSL Tracker. I was under the impression that it tracks your order from start to finish. As in you line test will be done on date…. Your line test passed or failed as the case may be. Then if pass your activation will be date…. Your line has now been activated your user ID and password is…..
Is this right of do I have completely the wrong end of the stick, LOL. The only reason I ask is that after the account upgrade I had a couple of e-mails in reference to receiving the order and direct debit etc. But the ADSL Tracker still shows no information.

I am not moaning and I know its only been 24 hours. I was just wondering how the ADSL Tracker works. Any information greatly appreciated.

RE: ADSL Tracker Question

Yes the adsl tracker should give you that type of information. Ocassionally BT's own system, does not keep us informed. If you have one of these orders, the tracker wont give you any information, but the isntall will go ahead as normal.

Either way don't worry, you will be on ADSL very soon.

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RE: ADSL Tracker Question

Thank you Customer Support. Thats cleared that up for me Smiley