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ADSL Speeds


ADSL Speeds

New to this ADSL.

At last I'm up and running after trying some of my own leads the ADSL connects. Thanks to BT for doing some line testing at 23:00.

Can some one tell me what are you actualy refering to with regards to ADSL speeds.

One thread talks of 300k+, others at 2.5 to 10k, are we are talking about Data rates? If so bring on 300k downloads.

Now my connection speed is 576 (Tranfer rate, as indicated by the ADSL runner), but the down load speed varies, 2.5 upto 61k. I can undertsand why this can vary, at it depends much upon the site downloads are taking place from.

But what should I expect to be downloading at on average. Some threads talk about sites you can test the connection speed, can one of you please give me a URL

If any one has some good URL's about ADSL and optimising, this route tracing etc. Then let me know
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RE: ADSL Speeds

The 576 is in Kilobits while the 61 is in kilobytes. There are 8 bits to the byte. You're actuall top speeds are 512 Kilobits (576 including overheads) for downloads and 256 kilobits (288 including overheads) for uploads. That works out at around 64 Kilobytes per second downloads and 36 kilobytes per second uploads as a maximum, though you're not likely to get this all of the time.

RE: ADSL Speeds

The highest i have had my ADSL up to is 60KB/sec download and 29KB/sec upload. I think this is really good. However over the last week i have had severe speed problems where sometimes a modem would beat my speed. But thankfully it is not just me who is having the problem.

Hope there is a resolution soon,

William Allan