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ADSL Speed Tweaking - A Success Story!


ADSL Speed Tweaking - A Success Story!

Following on from the recent bandwidth uprade, I ran the Plusnet Speed Test to see what I was now getting. Bad news. My new max speed should be 1840kbps, but I barely got over 1000kbps. Sad

So, off I went to the forums and read all the advice again. Ran DrTCP and followed the tips. Rebooted and retested, speed was down to 850kbps!! Re-tweaked and retested several times, and while I managed to get back to just over 1150kbps nothing would get me close to where I should be. :?

Finally, I arrived at who recommended the free TCPOptimizer. Brilliant! Cheesy Just select your connection speed, pick the appropriate net adapter, and accept and save the suggested "optimal" settings. One reboot later and my last Plusnet speed test recorded 1843.7 kbps.

I wish I'd found this brilliant little utility years ago. And it really is free too.