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ADSL Service Announcement


ADSL Service Announcement

Dear Customer,

As I had informed you, over the last three months we at Plusnet have embarked on a major upgrade of our core infrastructure with the goal of sustaining the quality of our delivered services. In November we completed the first phase which was centered on the installation of the Redback SMS system for our DSL termination. At the time this implementation was completed, the quality and stability improvements were clear, both from our measurements and the customer experience.

The second phase of the upgrade was scheduled to be completed the week prior to Christmas and was to include a doubling of the inbound DSL bandwidth with the installation of additional 155 MB central pipes, the activation of the fully redundant core network with the installation of the remain switching and termination hardware required and the reconfiguration of the transit bandwidth topology. On completion of this phase we will be able to provide an unparalleled level of stability and throughput performance to you.

Unfortunately, the actual kit was delayed in shipment between the Manufacturers and only arrived to our site yesterday. I delayed this announcement as a final installation date could not be confirmed to you until we had everything in hand. I am now able to commit that all systems will be in place and activated by Thursday January 23. This will alleviate the intermittent throughput problems that you are seeing at peak times and most importantly position our infrastructure to provide stable and superior performance going forward.

The final phase of our work will be to move our dial access infrastructure to the same environment as DSL with the throughput and stability advantage that the SMS system offer as well as our ability to provide additional dial options inclusive of un-metered 128K ISDN access. This work is targeted for completion 11 February.

There will be specific announcement as to the actual work and the times of any outages in support of this work. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, our customers, for your continued support and patience.

Kind Regards
Bob Goldsmith, Manager, Operations and Services, Plusnet Technologies