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ADSL Rocks.......


ADSL Rocks.......

Well after nemourous tries with a USB USR 9000 modem, My MSI motherboard which has a VIA chipset just wouldn't keep the connection alive. It used to disconnect evey now and then.

So I went for a SMC ADSL/MODEM router and does it rock or whatHuh?

I did have some initial problems with the fimeware, but a call to SMC tech support and they sent me a new file zip file and instruction on how to flash it. I wasn't able to connect to this router via usb or eathernet. Then only downside of this router is to actualy do a manual reset, you actualy have to open the unit and short a jumper before you flash it in dos (not command prompt)

After that it was a breeze. Just put in all the details and I was surfing in no time.

I don't know if the plusnet DSL stuff is fixed, but it prety fast and the connection hasn't dropped still.

So if Anyone Needs help with the SMC Barricade SMC 7401 router, just drop me and email. I found it hard to find any sort of info on the web, but its quite easy to do the flash if you can't access it form the USB or networkcard.

And another good thing, even though the tech support asks you to physically open the unit, the warrenty is not voided, cool or what?

Anyway thats just my two cents....for fellow SMC users in need of help