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ADSL Phone number


ADSL Phone number

I am using my son's old AOL BT Voyager 105 modem.
I have been having problems connection to Metronet tonight and have reported my problem to the support team. I am sure that there will be a lot of similar requests for help.

I am thereore asking for help from this forum.

When trying to solve the problem my "dial up" reverted back to AOL data.

I have my username and password for Metronet, but I am unsure about the Phone number to use. I have a note that the number is "PPOE", which does not work. Is this correct for metronet? If not what is it?

I am no expert on these mattrs but I can usually manage with a little help.

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ADSL Phone number

Hi Bob,

Welcome to the forum.
I'm not a techie either - so until one drops by have you had a poke around on this page for a little help Wink

Good luck

Metronet problem

Thanks Bill,


ADSL Phone number

Hi Bill I have sorted the problem out. My fault, messing about with the dial up data when the site went down, thinking that new progs I had just put on had affected the dial up.
Thanks again