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ADSL PCI Setup - No connection icon! Help


ADSL PCI Setup - No connection icon! Help


I'm setting up the Dynamode ADSL PCI Modem on a Windows 2000 PC. I had originally installed it into a Windows XP PC and it worked fine but then the PC was 'snaffled', so I now need to setup on a W2K PC.

Having gone through the hardware setup wizard the modem has been setup but I have no means to enter my username and password since there is only one Icon on the desktop - 'AccessRunner Control Panel'. I've removed the card and software once and retried the installation only to have the same thing happen.

Could someone please tell me how I can get the other two icons that are supposed to come up?

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ADSL PCI Setup - No connection icon! Help

there should be an icon in the menu if not look in Network and Dial-up Connections via control panel
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ADSL PCI Setup - No connection icon! Help

Yes, I know what should be there but there is nothing! I'm stuffed Sad

Dynamode ADSL PCI Installation Guide For ME & 2000

I also had this problem as I am using Windows ME which is basically Windows 2000 with 98 in it. To solve the problem firstly go to the Plus Net portal and download their version of the drivers for the modem. You will then need WinZip to extract them. Do this into a new folder that is easily accesible.

When this is done you have to do some uninstalling of the wrong drivers installed. You will know that you have the wrong drivers if under the protocol setup tab, the encapsulation mode does not contain '(RFC2364)'. If this is the case continue to uninstall the ADSL software with the uninstaller provided. Then uninstall the modem drivers which are in system properties (right click on My Computer then properties) under the device manager tab. It is called HCFMODEMWDM. Open this tab, click on the conexant modem and then click remove.

Once this is done restart your computer. Windows will again ask on start up to install the modem with the Found New Hardware Wizard. Cancel both boxes and let your computer start up as normal. Now go into the control panel and open the add new hardware dialogue box. Click next and let windows search through your computer for the new modem. When it has the found new hardware, the modem (possibly more after installation of it) use the options to make windows install the modem from the drivers you downloaded from the Plus Net Portal.

Windows will continue to install the modem and the software needed. As I have said other hardware/software may be installed or reinstalled such as your old modem if still connected to the computer. Also a few small boxes may appear installing wave drivers. Once the process has completed and no more boxes are appearing you can cancel the process. This should only be done after a good while of waiting to make sure the process has been completed.

Once you have closed all boxes you should now see two icons on your desktop instead of one. Once all settings have been put in place on the ADSL control panel (Advanced options Alt + C) and you have put your username ( and password into the Access Runner DSL connection box you can click connect and after a few seconds should be connected.

If this guide has provided correct installation of your drivers and you still cannot connect firstly check your ADSL control panel settings again(Advanced options Alt + C) then check you have your modem connected to your phone line through the provided splitters. Also disconnecting anything from your phone line that is not through a splitter may help.