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ADSL - No Bandwidth?


ADSL - No Bandwidth?

Since last night, I noticed my browsing pages speed was not up to scratch even from local sites that are usually very quick.

Today, theres seems to be no throughput hardly at all.

I've tried browsing, msn messenger, email and streaming audio/video and they are nearly dead.

According to DUMeter, my max speed has been just 3.5KB/s today when it should max at up to 60kb/s.

I recently upgraded to XP SP1 and thought that was the problem so i've uninstalled it and its not the problem at all.

The service status page has no updates and I can only assume it's PlusNet again. Sad

RE: ADSL - No Bandwidth?


We haven't had any generic problems whatsoever today, I have also checked the status of our central pipes and they are well below the maximum. The problem may stem to a localised BT problem.

If it does continue please raise us a contact us ticket as the problem would seem to be individual to yourself in this case.

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