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ADSL, Netgear DM602 and a PS2 Networking.


ADSL, Netgear DM602 and a PS2 Networking.

I have ADSL through a Netgear DM602 router connected to a switching hub. I am trying to set up my newley aquired Playstation 2 Network Adaptor, and although I now have reached the stage where the PS2 Network connection program goes through all it's network tests and says everything in fine I am still not able to connect ot 'Central Station', which is the PS2 portal. (Simply says that cannot connect to Central Station. Check settings and try again.)

On a similar note, whenever I try and connect the PS2 to the router's web-based config page I just get an error that an user-agent cannot be created? (Sorry, cannot remember the exact error message.) I suspect this may be due to the fact that the config page asks for a password to log into it and the PS2 cannot cope with this, but I suspect most routers have this simple level of security, so I may be wrong?

Therefore, I was wondering if anyone else has come accross these problems, and if so, whether anyone can offer any advise of rectifying the situation, as this is becoming a little frustrating now...

Dave C.
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ADSL, Netgear DM602 and a PS2 Networking.

If you are using the £19 a month account, I don't think the PS2 gaming works.

Craig Brass