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ADSL Filters - do you sure you always need them?


ADSL Filters - do you sure you always need them?

I have three phones plus answer machine. But I only got two filters in my kit so that's what I fitted.

Everything works fine. I even experimented by moving the two filters I do have around.

My inhouse wiring is probably not the best (DIY extensions etc)but;

ADSL works fine - good high speed.
All phones work fine, no problems.

Am I missing something? As far as I can see no reason to spend on another filter.

RE: ADSL Filters - do you sure you always need them?

My guess is it's the location you have placed the filters.

First off, not all ADSL modems get affected by phones, faxes and other equipment, as they will often do there own filtering on these ranges. aying that, some are affected.

When it comes to filters, you do not need 1 for every phone, fax, answer phone, modem and yada yada. You can attach more than one phone to a filter (though it does recude the effectivness).

As such (as with the BT supplied filter socket), you may only need 1 filter, to supply all your voice devices around the entire house.

It all depends where you filter it, and can the filtered connection supply all extentions.

With my setup, I have a BT master box, that has 2 unfiltered and 3 filterd wires running to each extention in the house. I then simply wire up the extention, depending if I am gonna have the ADSL modem there.

There reasonf ro seperate filter blocks like yours. Because not everybody has the option like me to re-wire.

It is very well likely, that during a prolonged call, while not using filters, you will here a light hiss and/or popping start to appear within the call.

RE: ADSL Filters - do you sure you always need them?


Thanks for the reply and explantion, very helpful.