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ADSL Face Plate Splitter - 'Solwise' or 'Clarity'?


ADSL Face Plate Splitter - 'Solwise' or 'Clarity'?

I'm planning on getting a ADSL faceplate splitter to enable me to do away with all the dangly microfilters, but which one is better? Solwise or Clarity?

The Solwise one is pretty cheap at under £12, but doesn't have the option to hardwire the unfiltered ADSL signal from the rear.

The Clarity one has the unfiltered ADSL signal from the rear, is apparently a modified original BT faceplate (please correct me if I read that wrong), but is a bit more expensive at a little under £17.

So basically, is the Clarity one worth the extra fiver?

ADSL Face Plate Splitter - 'Solwise' or 'Clarity'?

Personal opinion would be to avoid Solwise.

Clarity products are very good, but you may find a long lead-time for the modified faceplate (I had to wait 4 weeks for a backorder, though this was about 19 months ago).

There is a 3rd option of getting a NTe5 replacement from ADSL Nation [link]

It provides the same filtered/unfiltered front sockets, and a rear IDC for both filtered and non-filtered connections.
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ADSL Face Plate Splitter - 'Solwise' or 'Clarity'?

I picked up an NTe5 plate from ADSL Nation same as Philip has linked to and can highly recommend it as an option
It does its job is a good price and ADSL nations service is second to none