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ADSL Connection still very slow


ADSL Connection still very slow


I'm still having trouble with my connection. I've raised several tickets about it but its still not been resolved.
I've set my MTU to 1458 but it dosent seem to make any difference. Until recently, my speeds would usually be fine during the afternoon (58k/sec) but slow down at night and at the weekend. It now seems to be going slowly all the time.

Adslguide speed test :

Downstream 180 Kbps (22.5 KB/sec) 194 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 244 Kbps (30.5 KB/sec) 263 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Plusnet speed test :
Your current bandwidth reading is:
Which means you can download at 31.38 KB/sec. from our servers

The highest speed I can get anywhere seems to be around 30k/sec, even from the Plusnet file vault.

Surely this isn't the best I can expect from my connection?

Thanks for any help offered.
Nicholas Williams


RE: ADSL Connection still very slow

Hi Nick

That's a darn shame.
I guess we all can't have our cake and eat it.
If you ellaborate on the hardware side might help you out. ie. what make router/modem you using and if you have a BT line etc.
Last resort is to move house or go ISDN,Cable.
That happens to be a shortfall relating to ADSL and contention ratios if you are living in a busy area.
Lets not go their and start with the hardware issue 1st.



RE: ADSL Connection still very slow


I'm using a Fujitsu USB modem with Windows XP on a BT line. I've tried re-installing drivers etc but it didn't help. Also tried it on a friend's mac and had the same problems.

When I had these problems before, I was able to connect using the bt_test login and go to their digital demo site. This test always worked full speed even when Plusnet was going slow. Unfortunately the demo site no longer seems to have any tests so I can't try that now.

Speeds actually seemed faster this morning, but have slowed back down again now.

Thanks again for any help.