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ADSL Connection Problems


ADSL Connection Problems

Having continued problems with connection and getting rather exasperated as situation apears to be worsening if anything.

Traceroute Results: View Traceroutes
Traceroute Time (24 Hour): 11:50 to 11:51
Traceroute Duration: 1 minutes
Traceroute Packet Size: 64 bytes
Exchange: Ballymoney
Problem: Permanently Slow Data Transfer (Everything is slow)
Other Problem Experienced: Wide speed variation over the period of testing. WinMTR will still not resolve IP address used as returned from CMD ping.
Duration of Problem: Since installation
Minimum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 54.5 kbps
Maximum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 340.8 kbps
Average Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 197.65 kbps
Account: ADSL Home (Self Install) - 512kb (50:1)
IP Block Size: Single (default)
Ticket Number: 9627706
Additional Information: Contacted by Ian Wild prior to New Year. No contact from BT nor PlusNet in furtherance of this problem. Please contact after 7pm during week days. Cry

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ADSL Connection Problems

Have you checked that your using Plusnets DNS servers ?
212 159.13.49 &
If you run the command: ipconfig/all , this will bring up the details.
Try the command: ipconfig/flushdns , also.
Run a quick look at the adsl troubleshooting guide in the
'Tutorial & FAQ' section and the wiring guide.
Look at the MTU tweak topic in the ADSL & Broadband section.
Running DrTCP sometimes has the effect of restoring
damaged/corrupt registry keys.

ADSL Connection Problems

Thanks for the tip to flush the DNS cache. The nslookup now works from the CMD prompt but strangely WinMTR still comes back immediately with "Unable to resolve hostname".

I'm running three PCs from a Netgear DG-834G router, with Windows XP Pro/Windows 2000 dual boot, Windows XP Home Edition and Redhat linux respectively. I also have a Zoom USB modem which reports the same latency issues when connected to the Windows machines. The Microfilters have been swapped for new ADSL-Nation and Fujitsu models, and I've tried different combinations of phone point connections, all with the same result. BT engineers have confirmed that the line appears to be ok ...

Weird is not the word for it all Smiley

Many thanks gain, David

ADSL Connection Problems

It does sound a bit strange as you're getting the same results
from different Operating systems and modems, which does point the
finger back at BT, unless some sort of virus / spyware has got into
your system. Double check with Ad -Aware and perhaps try a different
anti - virus eg. a trial version of Kaspersky or Norton.
Try running Winsock
on your machines, there's different versions for different OS.
The latest versions of firmware for DG814 sets MTU at 1458 as
default. This might be the same for the DG834, so I would try setting
MTU/MTURAS 1458, RWIN 17016 on all machines with DrTCP aswell as this cured a similar problem for one user , although in your case , you have tried a different modem, I'd still give it a go.
I would try and get hold of a pc or laptop from a friend and connect it direct
to the master socket , at least if there's no difference that would rule out
problems with your own pc's / set up.

ADSL Connection Problems

Many thanks for the follow up reply. I have tweaked the MTU settings etc on the Windows XP Pro installation with no noticable effect. Followed the FAQ etc too. As you suggested I have also tried connecting the PC to the primary telephone junction point in the house, and this appeared to be even slower than the figures I was getting in my office room. Running the Linux box as the sole connection to the telephone system in the house also rates the connection between 52~250kbps.
I've also confirmed the figures from the Plus.Net connection speed tester page with those on the VisualWare site, and both are within acceptable tolerances of one another.
I'm rapidly being forced to conclude that I'll have to change ISP to get this problem resolved unfortunately.


ADSL Connection Problems

If the problem resides with BT somewhere in their system, changing ISP's will not help, unless you go for cable which is not utilising the BT network.
If you know anyone else on the same exchange as you, ask if they have similar problems. If so, it would certainly point at BT.
I do not know how routing works between Belfast & Sheffield.

ADSL Connection Problems

I'm not sure what you mean't in your earlier post that BT engineers
have confirmed that the line is OK, did you actually request a call
out via 'contact us' and did an engineer call round to your property ?
They may charge you £70 for the call out if the fault is at your end,
but it doesn't look like it is, an engineer would usually have a modem
and laptop with them, this surely must be the way forward.

ADSL Connection Problems

Hi Folks,
Thanks for your replies. Just a quick recap to explain the BT bit. My local exchange became ADSl enabled back in November, and at that time the BT engineer visiting performed a Home-Highway/ISDN conversion to ADSL and checked the line and download rates and pronounced he was happy. As this was a self install, I then purchased a small Zoom USB model and Netger 834G router/model to configure and connect to Plus.Net. Initial download rates were very acceptable, somewhere around the 430kbps mark. Shortly afterwards I noticed that connection appeared to beoming slower and started to run the connection speed checks. At that time I asked BT to perform a remote line check, which they did and pronounced the line to be fine. Generally at the moment the rates now have bottomed out between 63kbps~250kbps on average, varying between these figures . The connection can be frequently slower than the original ISDN.
Coincidentally a branch fell on the line to the house in December, and I asked the visiting BT engineer if he could check the line again. He wasn't a fully qualified ADSL engineer but ran the checks that he was able to without a laptop and again gave the line the green light.
Within the house here, I have replaced all the microfilters with ADSL-Nation or Fujitsu units, changed operating systems and computers, connected to the primary access point without any other telephone equipment sharing the line etc. To be honest I'm baffled, but the only parameter I haven't changed is Plus.Net.
I spoke to Ian Wild before Christmas, who was incidentally extremely helpful and can't be thanked enough. Ian thought that there was possibly a problem on the local exchange and was hoping to get BT to contact me. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything since then. hence my current predicament.

Thanks again guys for your postings. Any alternate suggestions or tips would be appreciated.


ADSL Connection Problems

The good news is help (should be) is at hand.

Once Ian picks up on this again, I am sure he will push it forward again.

Have you checked your exchange on the Capacity problems page?

From your description, you have stated that the line speeds have gradualy reduced over time. This is signs of one of four problems

1: Capacity at the exchange is low. That should be reported on the page above (the next update is not officialy due for over a week).

If this is the case, there is little you can do but wait it out. This would affect all ADSL ISP's but DataStream based customers (which suffer there own set of problems if there ISP don't manage it) on your exchange.

2: Line deterioration/weather. Because of the nature of ADSL and copper cabling, the copper pairs that your signal travels along, can change properties from one day to the next.

There is little you can do about this. If the weather has teken your line properties OOB, then an engineer visit could see you disconnected from ADSL.

3: Residual issues left over from the tree. You didn't quite work out if the problems got suddenly worse after you true incident, or are just as bad.

BT engineer may be able to fix this, but would need to be sraised by PlusNet, and not BT direct.

4: If the issues suddenly occured overnight, then it could be a issue in the path to your exchange, or somthign at the exchange. Due to damage, BT may have moved your line pairs onto another route back to the exchange, or cable has come loose at the exchange.

This is highly unlikely, however, anything is possible.

The only things I can sugest is attempt to use some other form of connection hardware, to see if that is a possibility. Otherwise, if you havn't already done so, riase a ticket and post the number here for Ian to pick up on.

ADSL Connection Problems

Once again thanks for the encouragement and tips. Shocked)

1. I had a look at the Capacity Problems page this evening, but no errors are recorded for my local exchange ... doesn't mean I shouldn't lead the charge though ;o)

2. The line to the house is pretty fresh as it was replaced two years ago. At the time I spoke to the BT engineer, (who was very helpful), he checked the line through to the principal access point and didn't see any problems.

3. The line speed was falling off before the branch did, so I haven't noticed a significant change that could be attributed to the dis/re-connection.

4. I've tried the speed tests a odd hours of the morning in case there is any contenion issue effecting the line. There doesn't seem to be any that I can discern.

I've rerun the WinMTR utility and posted the results on Ian's web page this evening, so hopefully it might through some light on things. This showed a 20% packet loss occurring periodically on at least three of the hops.

I've just posted my lowest pair of speed test figures too this evening ... 4.7kbps and 14.6kbps ... The 4.7 figure was so good I repeated the test 30 odd minutes later and got the same figure :-(

Thanks again folks

ADSL Connection Problems


i had the identical problem to you with the zoom modem. i could not even download e-mail!!!!

Plus net where of no help what so ever. After weeks of nagging Plus net they sent out a BT engineer. He stated that the line was perfectly fine and he got great speeds on his laptop.
He suggested i change the modem to a Alcatel Speedtouch usb modem (the green one). i purchased one from and guess what everything is working much better.

so i would suggest change modem and once your 12 month contract is up change to a different ISP