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ADSL Connection Problem


ADSL Connection Problem


Yes, if the BT speedtest reports similar findings then the fault lies with your line or exchange.

Provide the relevant information, including the speedtests and checks you have carried out in a ticket and ask Plus Net to raise this to BT for investigation.

Be prepared though, for a delay. BT are suffering from a backlog in faults such as this.

You may have been incorrectly configured by BT or there may be some other underlying problem. Either way it needs sorted.

Good luck.

ADSL Connection Problem

Last Monday my ADSL connection was FINALLY turned on after Waiting almost month to have BT switch it on and fix the "Quality of Service" issue!! :x

Anyway I had a BT Voyager 105 spare here, so I thought lets get online before PlusNet send my BT Voyager 205 Router out, to my suprise, no signal was detected. When my router turns up, I plug it in and after a while it sync's with the line, So I connect up only to find that my upstream speed was 64kbps and downstream 128kbps, exactly 1 quarter speed, what i didnt notice straight away that the router was disconnecting ever 5 minutes or so and loosing sync with the line.

According to Plusnet's Whoosh test there is nothing wrong with the line, and the line info was:

OK Loop Loss Cell Count
34.5 dB 2401

Loop Loss Cell Count
56 dB 1701

Anyone had any similar problems, I don't want to be fobbed off by BT when they decide to come out!!!! :?:

ADSL Connection Problem

This Forum is a bit useless, no one answered Evil

Anyway these are the stats from my Router, is this normal?

DSL Parameters and Status
Vendor ID: 00B5GSPN
Revision Number: Y1921a
Serial Number: 123456789abcdx
Local Tx Power: 10.9 dB
Remote Tx Power: 10.95 dB
Local Line Atten.: 57.0 dB
Remote Line Atten.: 31.5 dB
Local SNR Margin: 20.5 dB
Remote SNR Margin: 25.0 dB
Self Test: Passed
DSL Standard: G.dmt
Trellis Coding: Enable
Framing Structure: Framing-3

nfig Data Up Down
Intrlvd Fast Intrlvd Fast
AS0(kbps): - - 0 128
AS1(kbps): - - 0 0
LS0(kbps): 0 64 - -
LS1(kbps): 0 0 - -
RValue: 0 0 0 0
SValue: 1 1
DValue: 1 1

Some help what so ever would be appreciated Cheesy

ADSL Connection Problem

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

Sorry that no one has gotten round to helping you yet. You may have noticed, the forums have been a bit busy in the last 24 hours or so. Smiley

The speedtests which you did, what did you use to produce those results?

With what speed have you been provisioned. With those stats, I presume it is 1mb.

Have a read at the tutorial here especially the Synchronisation section and the Wiring and filters link within.

Check / test all that is suggested in the tutorial and let us know how you get on.

Good luck.

ADSL Connection Problem

Thanks for the Welcome.

I guess it is a bit busy, first time I looked at these was yesterday and thought I would post to see what anyone else came up with.

The Upstream and Downstream speeds were reported on my Router, I have run the ADSLGuide, PlusNet and BT speed test site, they all repost about 50-92kps downstream and 50 upstream, there is a definate problem. What would cause the connection to be 1 quarter normal speed!?

It is indeed 1mb that I am suppose to be on, but at present Dialup is faster than the ADSL!

As for the tutorial I have tried all sorts as suggested by customer services and the tutorial just repeats that, I still believe it to be a BT fault as the BT Voyager 105 was unable to even receive a signal and I know that is a working Modem.


ADSL Connection Problem


Thanks for that, all been posted earlier, so just waiting really for some reponse from BT, but I don't hold much hope, as it took almost 4 weeks to get it turned on, I am reckoning on the same sort of time for it to be investigated! I think they have a backlog fullstop!!

Anyway I am paying for something I am not getting, so if no joy in a few days I am guessing I can suspend my account until it is looked at?!



ADSL Connection Problem

Hi Fran,

Unfortunately not. BT do not provide Plus Net with an SLA for ADSL. PN will continue to pay BT for your connection, working or not.

However, if Plus Net can push this as an early life failure you might be in luck. Depends on how BT see it.