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ADSL: Before your ADSL is activated

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ADSL: Before your ADSL is activated

Tutorials & FAQs: ADSL: Before your ADSL is activated

Waiting for ADSL can be frustrating. Get ahead of the game by using the information provided here:

An ADSL activation involves a BT engineer attending your local exchange and connecting your phone line to special equipment.

BT states that, from receipt of an order, activation will be made in 5 - 7 working days. Sometimes it can be quicker than this, other times it can take longer. Reasons for delays can be line faults, high noise levels, or a DACS unit, which has to be removed before ADSL can be installed.

Once you have ordered ADSL via our website, we will automatically place the order with BT within three hours. They will perform immediate checks against known data on their system and provided your line passes these, the BT provisoning team will assign an initial date for activation.

You can track the status of your order in a number of ways:[list=1]
  • PlusNet's ADSL Order Tracker - Due to be upgraded at the end of August 2003 to provide even more detail, this shows the status of your ADSL and Hardware orders based on daily update BT provide us with.

  • The PlusNet ticket tracker - If the PlusNet Order tracker shows a problem with your order, it is likely that an automated ticket is open with our provisioning team. You can see the details of this and using the amend button can add any comments which might help us to resolve the problem more quickly.

  • The BT order tracker - Provides up-to-the-minute information if you are registered with[/listShocked]If you have ordered hardware from PlusNet, it will be dispatched as soon as BT tell us that your line is active. In the last two years BT's initial tests have become more accurate and as such we will shortly be able to start dispatching hardware in advance of activation (Planned for September 2003).

    If you have your equipment available before your account is activated, it is possible for your account to be fully activated early. Please see further down this post for more details of the process.

    Setting up your ADSL equipment

    As soon as you get your equipment, you can configure it. Details of how to do this should be included with the hardware. Please note that our support team will only be able to help with the basics of getting a single PC online. During setup, you will require a number of settings, some which are general to all ADSL in the UK and some which are PlusNet specific.
    • General UK ADSL settings

      VPI = 0
      VCI = 38
      ADSL Modulation: Auto, G.DMT or ANSI T1.413
      Encapsulation Mode: PPP over ATM (PPPoA (PPP over ATM)- RFC2364) VC-MUX
      Authentication: CHAP

    • Specific PlusNet Settings

      Modem username:
      Modem password: password
      Primary DNS Server:
      Secondary DNS Server:

      Username and Password are as chosen when signing up
    A list of general PlusNet server settings can be found here.

    If you have purchased your hardware from PlusNet, user guides and drivers can be found on this page. Advanced instructions for configuring the Solwise SAR110 can be found here.

    Early activations

    With a PlusNet activation, as soon as your line synchronises with the local exchange you can start trying to connect to ADSL with your PlusNet account details. You will recognise Sync on the ADSL modem by monitoring the status of the equipment itself - most ADSL modems have an 'ADSL' or 'WAN Link' light which will initially flash, but will remain on solidly once synchronised. PCI modems will indicate when they are successfully connected to the exchange within their task bar icon.

    BT can often take some time from the initial line activation to tell us about it, so the automated system is extremely useful for those who already have their equipment connected to their phone lines and PCs. We have seen many cases of customers using this method being up and running within 48 hours of the order being made.

    When you first try to connect, you may get a username / password error. This is a good sign, as it shows that the ADSL line is getting to a stage where it is checking your username and password! Our systems will recognise any successful attempts to connect and will automatically activate your account within 1 hour of your first connection attempt. This means that within an hour of getting sync, you can often be surfing happily at broadband speeds.

    There are however a number of things you should be aware of when using this process:[list=1]
  • Just because you have sync, it doesn't mean your line has been fully activated, although in a lot of cases it will have been.

    You can sometimes diagnose exactly what state your activation is in by also trying the following:

      Username = bt_test@startup_domain
      Password = (ignored)

    If you can get connected on this, it indicates your line has been setup correctly at the exchange level.

    Then you can try:

      Username =
      Password = (ignored)

    Connecting to this shows that BT have correctly setup the SSB routing to our network. If you can get connected on this login, but not on your own username, it generally indicates a problem in our system rather than something with BT. If you can't connect here, but can on bt_test@startup_domain then it shows BT have not finished configuring your line yet. If it doesn't work initially then you can only hold tight and keep trying until you are actually informed that your line is active (At which point if it still doesn't work, we may need to log a fault with BT).

  • When we activate an account before BT's systems have marked the job as complete, it means we cannot log a fault with them. That means if anything is not right we can only wait for BT to sign off all the work before progressing any faults with them.

  • You will be billed your first monthly payment as soon as the account is activated.[/listShocked]
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    ADSL: Before your ADSL is activated

    Hi, you said BT assigns a date but when i use the BT order tracker it only mentions the date in which they got the order and a completion date which doesnt have a date yet Sad any ideas?


    BT order tracker

    When I go onto the BT order tracker, it asks me for a order number? How do I find this out?

    Help??!!! thanks!