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ADSL Account Cancellation Query


ADSL Account Cancellation Query

I'm moving out on the 27th of june and so that is when i need to Call BT to have my phone line disconnected.

My billing date for plusnet is the 13th, and i would like to keep my connection right up to the time i leave.

So, can i give my 30 days notice before the 13th of June, keep the BT line active until the 27th and then pay my final bill to Plusnet on the 13th of July (even though there will be no active phone line at this point)?

thanks for any advice,

ADSL Account Cancellation Query

You are actualy advised to provide your notice now, today.

The contract actualy states that you need to give 30 days notice of your intention, and not that you wish to cancel in 30 days.

That means, you crontact will last 30 days, plus however many days are left of that month. Or, if you prefer, 30 days, then the contract is not renewed once it hits the renewal date.

30 days from today will lead into the next billing period and beyond your moving date. So will it will work without issue until you move out.

PlusNet however, do not give partly unused refunds. Officialy, it wouldn't be unused anyhow.