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ADSL 2Mb conversion


ADSL 2Mb conversion

At the start of the year, Plus announced that all users who were on 1Mb service would automatically be upgraded to 2Mb when BT got around to converting their exchange.

I noted that there were 2 DSLAMs on my exchange, one due to be converted in April and one in June. There was an update on the Plus site pointing to a revised BT list that said the second DSLAM would now be updated in July.

However, I'm still on 1Mb. Even if I was too far from the exchange (I'm around 1.6km straight line), isn't ADSL rate adaptive now?

Have BT finished these conversions?

ADSL 2Mb conversion

Hi there and welcome to the forums.

Firstly, ADSL is not rate adaptive. MAX Dsl will be, when it arrives.

As for the upgrades. The final round of the mass upgrades fininhed at the end of October, but BT are now doing a mop up of any which have been missed. If your line is capable, hopefully you will see an upgrade this month.

Have you access to your line stats from your modem or oruter?

ADSL 2Mb conversion

Thank you.

Yes, I do have access to the line stats.


SNR 31db
Attenuation 51db

Over 24 days:

Errored Seconds 8653
Loss of signal 20
Loss of frame 0
CRC Errors 20347

Edit: Just found a site that tells me that 45db is the greatest line attenuation for 2Mb/s.

You'd think they could manage that given that even following the main roads I'm only 2km from the exchange Sad