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ADSL 2000 - static or Dynamic ??


ADSL 2000 - static or Dynamic ??


I've ordered Plusnets ADSL 2000 self install service with NAT option. When ordering it says that we'd get a single static IP for the router, which is fine. Looking at the 'Networking ADSL' guide, it says this is a dynamic address ans should not be preset into the router ... Can anyone tell me which it is Huh

Reason for asking is I'd need to use it for SMTP mail, so need static IP, and just forward port 25 to my server.


RE: ADSL 2000 - static or Dynamic ??

Hi there,
Sorry for the delay in replying!
While you are assigned a static IP, your router needs to ask for a dynamic one - our RADIUS server simply assigns you the same one each time. Kind of similar to a static lease in DHCP if you're interested.
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