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ADS2100 NAT enable box and IP bridge


ADS2100 NAT enable box and IP bridge

Does this tick box do any but disable the NAT between the 192.168.1.X addresses .. hence just provides isolation for the router part of the box (the four ethernet port.) from the ADSL connection .. sad if this is it?

Can bridging be carried out with this unit i.e. take the WAN address and apply it to a Linux box connected to one of the Ethernet ports. Then you can take control of the NAT, firewall and routing yourself.

What ADSl modems will provide this function .. if not the ADSL2100

ADS2100 NAT enable box and IP bridge

Try the "X-Modem" (Review available HERE)

This will do exactly this.

You may even at a later date, buy a standart broadbank router as a back. They can be awful handy (trust me).

ADS2100 NAT enable box and IP bridge

I assume this will work with ISP 'plusnet' as this is really a BT type connection?
This does show in 'black and white' what I am after.

Its a shame the plusnet sales Guys did not understand what I needed ..also the technical help line and net queries. Do you know much about the ADSL2100 ..? There is very little on the net , I would likke to know if my assumptions are correct.

ADS2100 NAT enable box and IP bridge

Have a look at THIS PDF for some details from binatone themselves.

This type of router is a combined modem and router. It supports PPPoA so is designed well for BT ADSL.

It doesn't support bridged mode, so isn't what you are after.

The X-modem is a simple Ethernet modem. This means it is the most basic ethernet device you can get for use with ADSL from BT.

It acts as a media converter, by authenticating with the ISP, and passing all data to your computer or router (your linux box would be the router in the case).

This means the device connected to it, will get the WAN IP supplied by the ISP.

ADS2100 NAT enable box and IP bridge

This link is better But I still can not get it to work..!!

It seems to suggest a different protocal for bridging or transparent mode of operation., which I don't think is supported ..?

ADS2100 NAT enable box and IP bridge

Having looked at that page, the example shows a different protocol.

Looking at some other parts of the guide sugests you can still use PPPoA and enable transparent bridge mode, you just need to make sure NAT is diabled.

ADS2100 NAT enable box and IP bridge

Well Sadly I have tried all options ... it still resists from operation correctly.

With PPP oA selects it will not connect when in bridge mode and with the NAT disabled and the DHCP disabled.

I would of expected it to operate in the folowing manner

1. bridging enabled
2. disable the NAT
3. disable the DHCPserver
4. save settings and reboot.

Then wait for it to restart .. the PPP connection fails when you connect with
PPP error. .. quite unhelpful.

So any DHCP request to the main ISP via eth0 go no where as the modem is not connected to the main Plusnet Network ... just to the BT exchange
equipment. ... such a painful experience

I think I need to exchnage the modem for a solwise 130 unit any comments..?

Has anyone managed to get this Modem running in this mode...?
I spent 2 hours with binatone this morning to no successfull concusion....!

ADS2100 NAT enable box and IP bridge

AFAIK, there is no DHCP spoofing provided. Only PPPoE would do what you want, without DHCP spoofing.

You would need to set the device on the other side of the router with your static IP in the options.

However, you stated that it isn;t even connecting. Can you verify what you mean by this?

ADS2100 NAT enable box and IP bridge


It appears that when you save the settings the Modem resets and then should reconnect backup to plusnet yes ..?

But it does not ....the lne comes up to the point of SHOWLINE ie the speed of the line to the exchange.

But then when you look at the state of the connection to this is not connected when I then press the connection button it fails with the message PPP conection error. The LED PPP does not flash and is not on.

if you connect with NAT, bridging enabled etc then PPP LED flashes and it connects inthe normal manner

Any clues

ADS2100 NAT enable box and IP bridge

Just as a note to terminate tis thread ...

I gave up Binatone help .. caved in I sent the box back to Plusnet.
I now have a solwise 130 ... you can see the problems I am having with that in a similar thread.

It is working of sorts though....