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A warning for people who ever experience serious line issues


A warning for people who ever experience serious line issues

During the last several days I have had appaling dsl conditions I thought I would share with people who ever might find their dsl line die randomly on them, so they might know what to expect. Here is a rough(ish) summary of events:

Wed 7th
17:50~ - dsl light on router goes out, flashes occasionally trying to get it back.
18:30~ - realisation it isn't random disconnect/tried other router; phone Plusnet to report fault with the response to leave router plugged in whilst they conduct automatic tests overnight.
18:50~-rest of the night - once or twice every hour the dsl line would sync/come back, connection to internet impossible.

Thurs 8th
08:30~ - No light on router, no visible attempts to sync. dsl line non existant.
09:40~ - phone PN asking for update: auto tests were inconclusive, manual tests will be conducted over the day.
19:30~ - All day no dsl signal/sync/line etc. Phone PN asking for update, manual tests still in progress.
19:40~-rest of the night - zero visible activity or signs of attempted sync.

Friday 9th
08:20~ - dsl light on ! Oh... it went off again: attempts to sync or whatever it's trying to do.
09:30~ - phone PN: manual tests says my line is fine and I should be receiving dsl: hahaha.
09:50-18:30~ - all day the line 'tries' to connect/sync etc. but cannot-tried both routers + old speedtouch usb again, no luck. I remember my laptop has a 56k so i connect on that only to find the support ticket waiting for my acknowledgement (how could i have known that when I said I didnt have inet?)

Sat 10th
08:50~ - Was out the previous evening so get on the phone to PN responding to ticket saying "yes i want a bt engineer to check exchange/line etc"; won't be done til monday as they don't work weekends, and then it will be 48-72 hours.
09:15~-19:30~ - Intermittent connectivity; was possible (only with speedtouch usb due to being able to manually connect the moment it found the line) to connect to the internet and maybe load a webpage or even two before the line died.
19:31~ - 22:45~ - connected to inet non-stop ! downloaded as much as I could. Decided to unplug the ST:USB (foolishly thinking my line was good again) and plugged in my router. No dsl detected. Plugged in other router. No dsl. Plugged in ST:USB again. No dsl.
22:46~+ - no sign of dsl.

Sun 11th
08:50~ - No dsl/sync etc on any equipment.
15:20-23:30~ - dsl is suddenly connected on the old ST:usb; I dare NOT unplug it after what happened last night. I conduct numerous tests throughout the day; it becomes apparent I have between 12-26% packet loss to ALL sites/servers.
23:31~ - once again decided to gamble and try plugging router(s) back in, dsl line was lost even putting the ST:USB back on.

Mon 12th
08:05~ - dsl light on on the ST:USB, internet "working". Due to fear of losing it I dare not unplug it. I do some more lengthy ping tests to various sites, still absurd levels of packet loss.
14:06~ - i finish writing this post finding myself pitying myself, and desperately hoping no one else ever has problems with their line.

Just to finish my woeful story, i'd like to close with saying that I do not hold PN 'responsible' for any issues I have experienced. They were kind, helpful and did everything they could to help me and I have/am very happy with their service. I know for a FACT that this is some kind of line 'fault' with BT and I know for further fact that they are the ones who screwed it up in the first place (it was observed they were doing work near a junction on the night of the loss, the same junction they had to work with to get me dsl years ago in the first place).

If any of you ever have line 'hardware' problems, good luck.