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A traffic management question (again)


A traffic management question (again)


I've looked at relevant posts, read the traffic management page but can still not find any details on level 1 traffic management.

According to an E-mail received today, my account has been put on level 1 usage management due to the size of p2p downloads this month (I only assume this is to do with p2p).

I understand that the restriction will be lifted with my next bill, or when the direct debit is cleared (i.e. some time next week).

Could someone let me have answers to the following questions:

1. What is the limit I should stay within, and is the usage meter reliable?

2. What bandwidth are my downloads now restricted to? My line barely supports a 512Kbps speed despite paying for "up to" 2Mbps (I know that this is not PlusNet's fault). I usually get 40Kbps+ on p2p downloads.

3. My sons are hooked to an online PC game, is this added to the p2p usage or are both types of Internet use monitored separately?


A traffic management question (again)

Hi mate also got email today on same level as you.. although its my fault.. downloaded 45gb in 6 days..

My question to plusnet is your email and your toc contradicts itself a little..

So its limited.. between what times??

one says

between 4- 12 pm

the other is 8am - 12pm.. << if this is the case i aint happy..

There aint no point in argueing with +net i know that .. so ill carry on (thanks)

Another thing i aint happy about is.. ive been having connection problems sin i had this service activated.. reports it.. eng refuses to come out as he says its fine.. (how does he know)

So emailed +net.. told them i was moving to another phone provider.. they dont offer internet on that provider ... so why is this my fault.. u want me to pay £200 to leave.. nowhere in your toc does it mention about leaving your phone provider and joining a company you dont support...

A traffic management question (again)

Hi. I’ve got the same problem with usage management. I’m only seventh month in my one year contract, I went with +net only that it had no restrictions on usage. Now they are telling me that if I want no restrictions I have to buy Pay As You Go!!! Can they change terms and conditions half way through first year? I’m quite frustrated with them at the moment.
And no mention of when is the picktime and what is minimum download :-$

A traffic management question (again)

nowhere in your toc does it mention about leaving your phone provider and joining a company you dont support...

Part of your agreement with PN is that you have a BT line. You confirm this at sign up as one of the first options.

@ yevsy. Welcome to the forums.

The T&C's were changed in September. Every customer was emailed with notification of the change during August with the opportunity to opt out if you didnt agree.

As for clarity regarding Traffic Management and SUP etc, have a look at this information from the Further info is available on the site.

Hope that helps.

A traffic management question (again)

Dear Mark
Thank you for your replay.
This is what email from +net, dated 29 of August say about changes in terms and conditions:
- Introduction of traffic prioritisation techniques to all broadband
accounts. This will ensure that we can continue to deliver an excellent
and consistent service, particularly at peak times, for customers using
time-sensitive applications such as VoIP, email, web browsing and

Sorry, but I failed to see where does it say about capping of “unlimited” broadband service?
And there is also the following link to the Terms and Conditions page:
I never thought that I’m an idiot but I have struggled to find any info on capping there also, the information is not easy to find (as, I suppose in any T&Cs). It is a very big issue (capping) and a lot of people have joined +net only because there was no capping in place. I’m very disappointed with the service and will be looking at leaving +net at the end of my contract. Thank you.

A traffic management question (again)

There is no info on capping as Plus Net do not cap any products. A cap, once reached, means the connection stops, completely. Plus Net apply management to certain protocols as stated in the first line of the statement you quoted.

Plus Net no longer supply products with unlimited downloads and have not done so since Nov 2004.

As for being an idiot. I would think that nothing is farther from the truth.

The current "clean to" SUP policies and time periods are somewhat complicated, overly so in my humble opinion.

A traffic management question (again)

I see your point about capping, but if I download too much +net will limit my connection speed to as good as if it's capped.

I don't know about +net not supplying unlimited downloads since Nov 2004, what I know is that when I have signed up last summer it was advertised as unlimited!!

By reading some of the posts on this forum, there is large number of people who share my thoughts on limitng downloads. And many say that it is pointles to argue with +net, so will have to wait and see.

Thank you.

your right

i have had the same problem as you for the last two mouths iv been capped i even hit level 2 at one stage i still do not no what all that means i did less than 10gb each mouth which is not a lot real
my mate is so fed up that he's going to another provider and all +net sead was byebye we don't need you
im glad to see im not the only one with out us there would not be a +net Evil