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A thank you to PlusNet


A thank you to PlusNet

I've just migrated to PlusNet from a provider who will remain nameless but suffice to say they didn't make my future bright in the least. PlusNet has been are a breath of fresh air - enthusiastic voices at the end of a phone and even call-backs to make sure everything was OK. A fantastic work-ethic PlusNet. Keep it up.

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A thank you to PlusNet

Hello Angus

welcome to plusnet and especially here at the forums, glad your migration went well and its nice to see such positive comments made towards customer support

Good stuff CS keep it up

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Re: A thank you to PlusNet

PlusNet has been are a breath of fresh air

Freudian slip or quick witted ? :lol:

Sorry, I just couldn't resist that Shockedops: Shockedops:

Seriously, though, I have always found CS to be very good and I echo holdtight's comments.
Plusnet Leader
Plusnet Leader
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A thank you to PlusNet

Glad to see that everything has gone well since your migration and you are happy with the service you are receiving.

Any problems then don't hesitate to shout up and we'll do our best to get them sorted for you.
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A thank you to PlusNet

Hi Angusrose,

Indeed a warm welcome to Plusnet and to the community Smiley

It's really great to see such positive comments about the CS team too!

Like Chris has said, if you need anything, raise a ticket in the help and support section.

You might like to know that Plusnet also has a usergroup too, which represents the userbase as whole.

We also have a tutorials section aimed at all levels of knowledge and skill which can be found here

Our very own Kitz has a fantastic website which has lots more information too on just about anything to do with broadband

Sorry about the plug, but seeing as you're new, I thought I'd take the opportunity to let you know that there are plenty of resources available to you should you need them!

Kind regards,

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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A thank you to PlusNet

Welcome to the community and nice plug there too Roger :lol:
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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff

A thank you to PlusNet

Erm, yeah - welcome aboard.

...whilst we are plugging stuff - I have some "h0t sh@re tips" if you want them. Wink

But seriously though, good to see a new face (so to speak).
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A thank you to PlusNet

Hi Angus! I migrated here to PlusNet last July from the same ISP as you (had been there 9 yrs dial up then broadband).

I, too, have found PlusNet a breath of fresh air -in spite of problems that they have had in the recent past (which all seem to be clearing now). At least with PlusNet I have access to more information about what is going on than I ever had with my previous ISP and this forum has been tremendously informative and helpful.

I think the future should be bright for PlusNet!

best wishes