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A tale of woe


A tale of woe

I just have to air this very frustrating problem.

I've had PlusNet broadband for nearly two years at my present house with zero problems. Last week my phone started to be really noisy (screeching and all sorts) but broadband still worked perfectly.

Reported the problem with the line to BT. Eventually they acknowledged a network fault i.e. something outside my house and said it would be fixed by Monday. Redirected calls to my mobile and was still able to access ADSL without a problem.

Lo and behold, on Monday morning the phone is working but my ADSL router doesn't even line sync anymore - no broadband. Rebooted, moved it to my main socket etc.

Now, am I being presumptuous or is it really obvious that BT broke my broadband when they "fixed" the problem with voice calls on the line? I thought this sounded very likely (remember my broadband and all other equipment has worked flawlessly for years) but PlusNet and BT disagree. Here's how I got on trying to sort this:

- Call to BT faults - "you seem to have broken my broadband etc etc...". Answer: Sorry, broadband problems need to be passed through your service provider.

- Call to PlusNet with the story - Answer: you need to move your router to the main BT socket and buy a new filter before we can even raise an issue with BT. If you don't and it is your equipment you pay BT a £50 charge.

- Not seeing why I should spend money and run in circles when something fairly simple seems to have been screwed up by someone else, I call back to BT faults - "can I speak to a supervisor please.... can someone at the exchange just check this out?". Answer: No problem, understand, you will get a call Tuesday.

Out all day travelling today but got a message from BT to say "if your phone line works your broadband should work. It must be your ISPs problem, talk to them". Great, thanks. So you really didn't get it did you?

So now back on hold for PlusNet (which always always seems to be very busy every time I call). What a sorry saga of people just following procedure after procedure, wasting my and time and money and not being bothered to do the obvious simple tasks that would help a paying customer......

[Moderator's note by Chris (Eurotrain4): Accidental duplicate post removed]