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A question concerning upgrades


A question concerning upgrades

I've recently upgraded to 1mb, and payment has been taken...

11:27:42 Comment By: Support
This Customer has chosen to upgrade ADSL Home 1Mb (Monthly Contract) from ADSL Home Self-Install (Annual Contract). The required CLI for the account is ************ The Regrade fee for this upgrade is 41.13 (35.00 inc VAT) Open
11:42:33 Comment By: *******
P&F - DSL Provisioning Regrade order placed:1-2QQZA4 due by the 11/5/04.
11:42:41 Comment By: **********
P&F - DSL Provisioning We would like to inform you that, unfortunately, we cannot resolve your current issue immediately.

We have arranged to review this issue on Tuesday 11th May at 07:00, when we expect to be able to either solve your issue or provide you with an update on further progress.

For your information, the following was added to your Contact Us ticket:

Check orders completed and update account details. Thanks.

I think i understand...but i don't :? Wink

Anyone else experienced this before?

[Moderator's note (by csogilvie): Removed what would appear to be your phone nunber - you never know who could be reading these forums.]

A question concerning upgrades

This is the way the system works.

Rather than leave the ticket open, they place it on hold, such that it is reopened to them on the date noted.

Pointless checking up on a upgrade until the upgrade date.

A question concerning upgrades

Kudos to you kind sir! Must have missed that one :?

So, has there been a problem with my upgrade?
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A question concerning upgrades


The confirmation of the upgrade is due from BT on 11th so the ticket is put on hold because provisioning cannot complete the request until at least the 11th.

The ticket text is an automated response and can be used for most requests passed to the provisioning team that cannot be completed until a future date or action outside their control (BT in this case)..

Just wait patiently until the 11th after which PlusNet will confirm if the upgrade has succeeded or not.

A question concerning upgrades

Yeah when i upgraded 2 1mb the same happend 2 me. It takes them about 5 2 7 days 2 convert ur line. Just check nxt monday or tuesday

A question concerning upgrades

Can people please stop using TXT type for there posts. Regardless of how much easier they find it.

Your posts are means for others to be able to read, not so that you can save time.

Take the reply above. It it out of context because of the way it has been written. 527 days for an upgrade! Catch my drift.

A question concerning upgrades

bloddy hell bit mardy today aint ya. I sure he will figure out what i said