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A query about bandwidth

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A query about bandwidth

Dear Plusnet,

You have said that the current problems are not about bandwidth, but are actually more to do with concurrent users.

Since you are soon to double the bandwidth - presumably this leaves you with a whole load of slack.

My question is this... if I was to increase my connection from a 512 line to a 1mb line, is this something BT does and charges you for (and you in turn charge me), or is it purely something at your end.

RE: A query about bandwidth

Raising your connection speed is a task a BT engineer needs to action at the exchange level. This will require another activation fee.

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RE: A query about bandwidth

Activation fee here, activation fee there, when will they stop charging us just to upgrade the service?

Yet another point about ADSL vs Cable, Cable doesn't require any sort of "Activation" as the speed is purely capped by the modem itself whereas ADSL is at the local exchange.