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A funny problem, any ideas?

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A funny problem, any ideas?

Hi Folks,
I have a funny problem and cant figure it out, I have a 1mb connection and have two pc's running xp pro sp2. I use a dg834g wireless router and in my other pc I have a netgear wg311v2 wireless card.

The problem I have is with bit torrent on my primary machine which refuses to download at any speed. The other pc connectec to the router via wireless does not have the same problem. I have setfirewll rules for the router but this makes no difference.

As my pc upstairs has no problems with bit torrent I assume the router is not blocking incoming connections so I cannot understand why my main pc will not download fast. I have disabled the windows firewall on both machines but the bit tornado client shows a yellow indicator on the main pc whilst the other pc always goes green.

Has anyone seen this happening and what remedies were used to cure it as i have ran out of ideas.


A funny problem, any ideas?

Firstly, what actually rules have you added to the router? have you taken into account that fact the both machines will have different IP addys, and that you've set any rules for both machines.

Are you trying to run BT on both machines at the same time?


A funny problem, any ideas?

As with all P2P software it needs to be able to get to the pc via a port so it can upload from you. If you dont upload it still works to a degree but you get a lower rating as you arnt giving anything back.

If the software uses a limited set of ports then you cant can only run it in full mode on one pc as you have to forward the ports to the pc and you cant forward the same port to 2 pc's. If it will accept a wide range of ports you can then forward some to pc1 and some to pc2 but you will have to confiure the pc to these ports.

I suspect this is your problem if you can set the software to use different ports on each pc and forward them in the router you may get away with it. Remember to the p2p all your pc's are the same as you are NAt ing the ip

A funny problem, any ideas?

P2P, doesn't really work on more than one PC, simply because of the upload being limited to 256. You can have P2P on more than one PC but at somepoint your upload will be chocked and you download will suffer.

If you want to have to P2P on more than one PC, you need to set different ports or use UPnP to set the port.