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A Question for the technically minded


A Question for the technically minded

A Question for the technically minded amongst us

Since I went over to Max I can hardly ever run the BT speed test and I get a lot of lagg in games between about 4pm and midnight, in the games its as if I do not have a 2 way correspondence (connection) could this also be by I can not run the BT speed test?

When the BT speed test does run twice out of 27 tries it shows my IP line profile as 3500kbps but when I check it on the plusnet site is says 3000

More stats that may help from BT speedtest
DSL 448kbps up-stream
4128 kbps down=stream
Actual IP throughput 663 kbps

These numbers agree with my router

DownStream Connection Speed 4128 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 448 kbps

So does anyone have any ideas where the problem lies please
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A Question for the technically minded

It looks like you're suffering from contention / congestion somewhere along the route.
Try the speed tests from ADSL guide and at different times in the day and night.

I can get over 5mb in the early hours but it slows down to about 1 mb in the afternoon / evening.
At the same time the lag goes up dramaticaly.

A Question for the technically minded

thanks for that I will keep trying it but at the moment in getting

download 1823 kb/s
uplaod 202 kb/s
latency 177 ms
on the london server

A Question for the technically minded

You might also find that your game traffic is being shaped/managed if it happens between 4pm and midnight - that's when the stronger traffic shaping rules seem to kick in.

I had a similar problem with a (niche) game I play, though the lag was a lot worse than 177ms - more like 30s. I raised a support ticket with the details of the game and the ports it used and Plusnet added it to the whitelist within one day (and committed it the next day), and it's been fine since. If your game isn't a well known one, it's probably worth checking Plusnet have the details in their whitelists.