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8mb upgrade never happened


8mb upgrade never happened

Hi, i asked for a broadband upgrade to 8mb sometime before christmas but i never recieved the speed but stuck on 2mbs, i live 5 mins from the exchange which is fawley in southampton and i have checked and it does support the 8mb

i have recently upgraded to a new netgear wireless router and removed the old router that packed up and the 10 metre telephone extension lead, i reckon this may have been the reason.

can you check if i have been upgraded properley with bt about synching problem as i read in another thread or retest the line.

thankyou very much for your helo
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8mb upgrade never happened

You really need to raise a ticker on this one.

What router you have or changing it will have zero impact on any upgrade. I suspect your request may just got lost.

What is your router syncing at - post all the figures - as yo may actually have been upgraded already but your Bras profile (which determines your throughput speed as tested by BT) may not have been updated.

If you are syncing at > 2272Kbs what does your data rate say (connection settings on the left -> high speed broadband icon). If this is 2000 or less then raise a ticket and get it corrected.
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8mb upgrade never happened


Looks like the regrade's been recently done and the new speed's filtered through to our side. You might need to reboot your router/modem for the new speed to take effect.

8mb upgrade never happened

Hi i just checked and it is saying 3000 on the connection page now and is showing an interleaving icon which was not shown before, does this mean they will be testing the line for 10 days to see what speed i can get.

i know my area can support 8mbs.

sorry for long delay in replying

8mb upgrade never happened

If you keep an eye on the IP Profile on the BT Speedtester (see here for help) then this should gradually settle over the next 10 days as BT determine the maximum speed your line can support. Restarting your modem once a day (preferably through its control panel) will assist in this process. After the ten day "training period" the IP Profile reported by the BT Speedtester should match that shown by PlusNet here.

Also worth checking out this tutorial to see how you can get the most of your line by optimising your internal wiring.

Interleaving isn't used on fixed rate products, but is used as a form of error correction on MaxDSL to increase the stability of the line. Latency (delay time) does increase slighty as a result, but that shouldn't be an issue unless you do a lot of online gaming.