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8mb = 3mb?


8mb = 3mb?

As far as I was aware, I was on a 2MB line, and the 8MB upgrades were on halt due to BT disabling their tool...

Earlier I downloaded a DirectX SDK at 450MB, which finished after only 18 minutes (around 400kilobytes/second). Curious as to why my speed had doubled, I ran a speed test (3.7Megabit/second) and when I got home, checked my router (it says I'm connected at 8megabits/second).

I just ran the speed test, and got 2.4megabit/second.

I'm not far from the exchange, and assumed I'd get faster than this after upgrading to 8mb (why didn't plusnet inform me this had happened?). I remember reading something about a max (or average?) speed being taken over the first few days, and the speed set based on that.

Am I missing out on over 4mb/second, or should I just live with it? :-(
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8mb = 3mb?

could be exchange contention,try a speed test early morning if possible.

8mb = 3mb?

Will do. But it seems a bit silly for them to advertise 8mb if you can only ever get it when nobody else is using it!

What's to stop them offering 800MB and just letting the fact they can't handle the traffic reduce peoples speeds? They shouldn't offer a speed unless they have the capacity to support it for at least x% of the time :-(
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8mb = 3mb?

But it seems a bit silly for them to advertise 8mb if you can only ever get it when nobody else is using it!

The advert is "Up to 8 Meg" which is a bit different than saying you can have the full speed.

Its only if your phone line can support it that you stand any chance of getting the full speed.
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8mb = 3mb?

If you've only just been max'ed then your speed will be low for the 1st 10 to 14 days or so until the bras is worked out and set for you line. once the exchange has worked out your lines max stable speed then you'll notice the increase.

Sadly the increase in speed can vary from one second to the next. Watching one speed test you may see poor speeds but repeat it seconds later and you speed is fantastic.

The max dsl offers a far from contant download speed. I sync at between 7500 and 8000 but my downloads are rarely more than 450.

For a better explanation you may wish to look here where plusnet have details what to expect.