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8Mb business speed


8Mb business speed

Hi folks,

We've bought the 8Mb/832Kb business service from Plusnet which was enabled yesterday. We are 382 metres from the exchange (check using this webpage, and are getting between 2Mb and 5Mb download, and 0.5-0.6Mb upload. Is this normal? I wonder what speeds other users who are at similar distance are getting. (Previously we have used Telewest cable (which is not available here unfortunately) and were getting the full 10Mbit download that they offer.)

Best regards,


8Mb business speed

You should be seeing better than that James.
What are your line stats and what do you sync at?

I'm about 390m from the exchange and sync at 8128/832.
Line att 12 / 6.5
SNR 12-16 / 10

At quieter times I'll get 7Mb down and upload is between 710 and 750k depending on which speed test site I use, usually this one

8Mb business speed

You could just be on a heavily contended exchange.

Try it at 5am in the morning. This will give you a better idea.

The fastest I ever got then was 840 Kilobytes per second download. Awsome !!

During the day though I get between 300 and 500. No More.


8Mb business speed

Thanks for the responses.

Since I made the earlier post the service has unfortunately been terrible. Approximately half of the time there has been no web access (though I can always ping). The download has dropped to about 2Mbit (when it worked it peaked at 5Mbit and dipped at 500Kbit). I have performed speed tests at approximately 2 a.m. so I don't think contention is the issue but I will try again at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning.

My line stats follow:

Sync Kbps Att dB Noise Margin dB

up stream 832 8 15
down stream 8096 15 13

Is there a way to determine exchange contention? My modem is a Belkin F5D7630-4A ADSL Modem + Wireless Router. Should I upgrade the firmware? (I'm always hesitant to do this). The current version info is pasted below.

Best regards,


Runtime Code Version V.A.1.08.03UK (Jul 8 2004 15:41:37)
Boot Code Version V1.4
Hardware Version 01A
Serial Num S436014873
ADSL Modem Code Version 13.9.38

8Mb business speed

Your stats look ok although I'd expect you to sync at the full download rate being that near to the exchange unless that is the full rate for a Belkin.

I'm not familiar with Belkin but I take it you are connected to your PC via ethernet and not USB

What number do you see when you go here?

8Mb business speed

I am connected via Ethernet. This is the modem ->

I'll try and find out it that's the max sync rate for the Belkin modem, though I'm not overly worried about the last 32Kbps Smiley (but perhaps it's indicative of a fault)

Interestingly that page shows:

Your current broadband speed is 5500 Kbps

What does this tell us? I would have hoped for the full rate at this distance.

8Mb business speed

Normally the rate being set at 5500kbps means that BT have decided that that is the fastest speed your line can support, and have reported this to PN, who in turn have restricted the speed at their end.

Both your sync speed, and your max stable rate should be around about the same figure, so it looks like perhaps BT have incorrectly informed PN, or PN's system has failed to update your speed correctly.

It may be that the figure PN have for your account will update on the next reporting cycle from BT, or it may be that it needs a nudge.
Both figures are in theory controlled automatically by the equipment on BT's network, but there is a delay in the figure being reported back to PN.

Ignoring that figure for the minute though, it looks as if something else is causing your problem, since you report your current speed as much lower than either of the two figures.

Have you experimented with the various steps to eradicate a problem at your end?

  • Check/substitute a different ADSL splitter (filter)
  • Ensure all items connected to your phone line have filters.
  • Try removing the first faceplate from your socket, and use the master test socket on the faceplate behind.
  • If possible try different hardware (router/modem) to check your connection.
  • Ensure Router firmware is up-to-date

Its a bit of a pain, but it could help.