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8Mb Upgrade


8Mb Upgrade

Sad After an initial offer to upgrade to 8Mb, I received an email on 23rd October, telling me my 10 day upgrade period would start soon. I waited... and waited... and waited.... so eventually I got fed up and decided to log a ticket.....

[Additional Information] I asked for 8mb a long time ago, and was informed on 23rd October that the line would be updated in 10days. However I only see speeds of 1750 kbps when I perfrom a speed check. Can you advise? Thanks

This is the response I received....

We acknowledge your request to be regraded to DSLMax as a priority and will endeavour to submit your order ASAP.

Customer Support

Does this offer me any reassurance, or does the forum experiences tell me I need to wait a good while longer?